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The American Dream Is A Means, Not An End

The American dream is a phenom known worldwide by billions of people. It’s the exact saying that attracts millions of Immigrants to the U.S every year. The American dream is achievable by all when putting your mind to it. No matter your circumstances, determination,grit ,and hard work will lead you to your American dream. The American dream isn’t always about having tons of wealth but rather what leads you to happiness in your life. As Fabrizio Moreira once said,”The American dream is that any man or woman, despite of his or her background, can change their cumstances and rise as high as they are willing to work.” I agree with Moreira as he sheds light to the fact despite gender or background if your willing to work for your goals, everything is achievable. Your American dream won’t be short of challenges but it’s about how you prevail from those obstacles!

Nothing is Impossible

The American dream is the dream of a land(The U.S) in which life should be better and richer for everyone, with vast opportunities when putting your mind to certain things. Just having the thought of the American dream is alive and well will put you ahead of most. For example, if you think you can’t be successful to a certain degree because of your past/ present situation then you won’t be putting as much work into your goals as if you had the right mindset.As, i’ve learned through many personal experiences the american dream is alive and very well! My first example comes from my father. My dad grew up in New york with very little money. But that didn’t stop him from working on cars almost every day and saving up for college. As he graduated he told himself he would eventually being working for himself and own a business. After he achieved that he told himself he would sell that business and be retired at the age of 55. The biggest thing my dad has taught me is nothing is impossible and if you really want something and put your mind to it you will achieve it. And if you attain that goal then you didn’t put enough work /effort in. My neighbor whom is a women and very successful has also show me that the american dream is attainable by anyone. Many people think being women in the workforce is a big disadvantage.

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Deficiencies Are Not a Problem

My neighbor told me that she never had the mindset that being a woman will alter her realistic goals. Because in her mindset (and most successful people) every goal is achievable. Arguably, the most important thing i’ve learned in life is just the thought that everything is achievable when putting your mind to it. Some may say, that the gaps in wages, jobs and health prove the american dream is dead. Sure, there are many gaps in all kinds of things in the U.S.. Also as every other country on this planet. But, the American dream is how you address those certain disadvantages in your own unique way.

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