The "American" Hardworking Ideal of Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography

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Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography was published in 1791 and is one of the best-selling and classic books of all time. People can find these books in airports and are known best in the Generation X group of readers. This book consists of the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and all of the accomplishments and even hardships that got him to be one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. Some say that this article was written out of arrogance and vanity, rather than what he says as to be for son and family to read. His work ethic and true “American” ideals show how he is a perfect example of hard work at its finest.

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He first starts out in Boston and job training and then starts to work for his brother in Philadelphia at only age 16.Then Governor Sir William Keith offers to set him up as a printer. He goes out of his way and full confidence when Keith asks him to go to England to get supplies for the shop. Then find out that Keith has been lying to him this whole time and now he is stuck with no money to pay for anything and get back to America where his family is. Then he gets into the Watt’s printing shop and learns all about how having connections in the printing business is so important and the craft and technique of printing. Then he starts working for Denham and he eventually he dies and has to go back and work for Keimer printing. He ends up wanting to quit and starts his own printing shop with Hugh Meredith. He printed the Pennsylvania Gazette which was a huge accomplishment for him. He goes back and marries is one true love Deborah Read and stop writing at this point because it is the beginning of the American Revolution.

He receives letters from a lot of his friends stating how good of a writer he is and starts to really get back into it because he is so flattered. Some think to say that this was his way of being somewhat cocky and arrogant that people wanted him to write so bad again. There wasn’t much of an option for books, so people really wanted something from him and knew his writings were riveting and intriguing. Reading started to become fashionable and because of that they got smarter because all they did was read. He started the first public library’s, and this sparked all around to build them. All of this information is so important to know about Franklin because he never stopped with writing, working, and printing.

Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography exemplifies the “American” ideal of hardworking by using his own resources and channels to achieve what he wanted with no one’s help, he starts a successful printing business, and making an American trend of public libraries fashionable in the colonies.

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