The American Red Cross Achievements and Problems

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The American Red Cross Achievements And Problems

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  • Introduction
  • Blood Donation and Paying Homeless People
  • Helping People in Need
  • Money Donations
  • The Boards and Educating New Employees
  • Diseased Blood
  • Works cited


The American Red Cross is an essential non governmental organization that helps citizens, yet some people feel otherwise. American Red Cross is an non-profit organization, in modern times the world has become more dangerous and the Red Cross is needed more each year. The general population calls on the Red Cross in the most crucial times. Over the years the times continue to become harder and harder for the civil community. " 90% of the volunteers who support the American Red Cross are in the workforce" (Red Cross).

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Blood Donation and Paying Homeless People

Many people think of "giving blood" every time the Red Cross is mentioned hear about the Red Cross but they are wrong. The American Red Cross is more than just a simple blood drive company of workers travel around the world for more than just receiving blood donations. Having a blood drive is crucial because " one donation can save more than 3 lives" (Red Cross). As anyone could guess that blood donations are a free voluntary service but that isn't a well known fact, proof to support this claim is based on an article " Homeless men and women are being paid $30 to donate their blood" (Red Cross). This idea should be outrageous in anybody's eyes because who knew giving blood can put food on a family's table or even provide money in their pockets. In any normal society, of course everyone won't agree with one another, so here's where the problem occurs, think that even receiving and paying homeless people for their blood is "taking advantage" of them (Greenberg). Paying some people isn't the right thing to do because it will come out as taking advantage of the community, because it seems wrong to pay a certain class an amount of money and leave the other class with nothing. In regards to, the good out of giving blood is that the" plasma of the blood goes to the doctors and the poor are still making income for donating.

Helping People in Need

There are a lot of people who debate whether the American Red Cross help families in need and blood donations is just one example of help. When there is a disaster the American Red Cross tries to help in any way that they can. Some people wouldn't even take the time to pick up their phones to call their own loved ones who have been hit by a tornado, or hurricane, but we have people who join the American Red Cross just because they don't believe that people have to help a family member or help out because they know a certain person, they help out because they want to and they know it's the right thing to do. The organization also goes further into helping the hospitalized patients. Lots of teens and kids are diagnosed with Sickle Cell which leaves them with half of a blood cell which makes it harder for their blood to flow into the right places. The American Red Cross makes sure these kids and teens have enough blood to keep them up and happy and active in schools. Some cases are worse than others many" kids miss even months of school learning and fall behind in many subjects" (Red Cross). Gaining blood for these kids are more important than others can even imagine and to the Red Cross, it means everything.

Money Donations

Over the years, the American Red Cross has made "millions of dollars towards the funding of helping others,'' with the money they put it back into helping the towns build more houses or even buying more supplies for the shelters for the homeless (Katz). The public trust the American Red Cross with their money because they know, no matter what it's going to a good cause, whether or not it's going to the shelters or it's going into the hospitals. Yes money problems do come up to where the people who have donated are asking "where does the money go?" or even "what is the money I'm donating being used for?" (Katz). These questions are the most unanswered because when there are lots of money being donated to the Red Cross tries to keep up with everything but sometimes they can come up short of their promises. Most people understand that when dealing with other people's money other's should be in control of what happens to it, but sometimes they can get distracted and forget to place the money in the right project. As we know for the most part the Red Cross has kept their promises with helping out in the community and making sure everyone is comfortable and safe.

At some point people have criticized the Red Cross because "the organization didn't go against the Gay Community," (Grabianowski) because of this many people stopped giving blood which put the American Red Cross in debt and in a shortage. This response should let people know, no matter what the sexual choice people chose the American Red Cross doesn't care they will still be there for everyone. Even with all the conflicts the Red Cross has come across they will never given up on the people in need. "Volunteers and staff have walked out on the Red Cross because they felt there wasn't good communication between the company and workers" (Holdemon). As we can see this didn't stop any worker from traveling and helping out at any given time, no matter what obstacles come to them they keep them go on to helping people each and everyday. This issue should make everyone actually take in consideration that they genuinely want to help and will help no matter what.

Not everyone will see the outstanding accomplishments the Red Cross does as a prime example, some citizens think that the money they are volunteering is "being used to the most simplest things" (Katz). Little do they know the simple things matter also, major things are a bigger help but they can't always help for minor things so, yes having simple things matter more than big projects or bigger accomplishments sometimes we have to start from nothing and work our way up to see progress. If the Red Cross used the money they are receiving from the community to build or use for their purposes, they wouldn't have any money left because every need isn't a need. Lots of citizens can look up the Red Cross and see the bad things like "a bad track history over the years and that they don't see any help from them" (Katz) according to the text that is a good way for the Red Cross to, for one lose money next, lose blood for patients. As we know, this will not stop the Red Cross they will always have a backup plan and still succeed tom help others and hopefully, if the time comes the citizens will help them as well.

The Boards and Educating New Employees

The boards of the Red Cross aren't the best. This is a fact because according to an article " Executives have left the American Red Cross because of the major issues and chargers that they are facing" (Strom). When the boards start to go wrong, a lot of things can go wrong and one is communication. Communication is key and without it how can they come together and help others when they can't help themselves. Hopefully, this changes over time because its kids and adults who needs the Red Cross more than ever at this point and I'm speaking for them because kids with cancer didn't ask to be in this predicament even the adults so why punish them by not helping them when they didn't know this issue would happen? This issue goes for the Amercian Red Cross they don't know when things are going to happen everyone just goes with the flow. If they see someone who needs help, they are willing to just walk over and help them. Which goes back to communication is key because without good communication skills how can we walk up and help anyone in need. " Training is a huge problem they are facing" (Strom) this is a problem because everyday the Red Cross is receiving blood and when new people come they have to have the proper training to make sure the blood is so called " good blood". The moral of this topic goes back to new employees takes too long to train and it makes the Red Cross fall behind on orders and it makes the head board complaint.

Diseased Blood

As a backup to the topic "American Red Cross have failed test of safety and cleaning" (Strom), how would it feel if a person walks in normal and healthy but they are in need of blood, and when they get the blood it's diseased blood and now, it's the Red Cross fault that a person left their establishment with a disease because the workers didn't make sure the blood is 100 percent clean and ready for use. Working in a field like this that is so crucial for diseases everyone has to be on their toes about everything because one slip up can cause a person their life or worse their career. If a citizen asked another citizen, why would anyone donate blood if they know they have a disease? Which is a great question because why would a person donated blood honestly and put others at risk? Some peers can't answer this but it's ok because in the end it doesn't make any sense to do that knowing the blood that was donated isn't any good. Yes, it's a good way to find out if a person has any disetime that was wasted doesn't make the blood worthwhile in the end.

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