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The Analysis Of Marx’s & Engels’ Book

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Marx’s and Engels’ book talks extensively from the Conflict perspective, which deals with the Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie. The purpose is exposure of Communist ideology.The Proletariat is a group of people that work to create labor. Their exported labor is greatly desired by the Bourgeoisie, the prosperous people that possessed business ownership because it generates a profit that benefits them. The Bourgeoisie exploits the Proletariat by plaguing them with bad working conditions and low wages. The book highlights information about the working class. During the time it was written, Marx did not know about labor unions, so he foretold the Proletariat would eventually tire of their continued subordination and seek to get rid of the oppressive arrangements the Bourgeois placed on them. He theorized that Capitalism would be overthrown and a class-less system, one in which there was no structure of class and no individual property ownership would reign. This new system would be communism. Although most likely accurate during the time it was written, we now have labor unions to help protect workers from unfair treatment and working conditions, also the ability to strike. This oppressive, exploitative system is still relevant because our current society is very similar.

The focus between the two group’s interaction is struggle. The business owners control how and what things are produced. They take advantage of the workers, while keeping the profits and accumulating and hoarding the wealth entirely for themselves. This is one thing that started the income inequality that exists today. The people who worked (Proletariat) was engaged in a battle against those that owned the businesses. The clash would result in a revolution said to restructure society into a classless society. The Bourgeoisie exploits the proletariat extensively. The work that the Proletariat did made the Bourgeoisie very wealthy. If the Bourgeoisie sought continued control, they had to spread their reign across the land, find things to create and sell them. They also were tasked with finding and keeping new customers. They also had to have an adequate supply of workers. The Proletariat endured undesirable conditions because life was very impersonal and the only thing that matters is making money and making a profit. The Proletariat strives amongst themselves and another Bourgeoisie. The Bourgeoisie clashes against others in their same positions and the Proletariat.The Bourgeoisie thinks the Proletariat conspires to rid everyone of owning property privately.

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However, the Communists wished to get rid of the business owner’s individua property. To enact this, the Communist’s desires to relinquish control of producing items to those in the community. Personal affects would not be affected. Some background information was that during this time there were people dwelling in overpopulated cities. Those cities were expanding. Numerous amounts of people who worked were poor. The goods that the Proletariat produces were sold at a profit that the Bourgeoisie kept themselves. The workers received no benefit from the work they did.Marx believed Capitalism was self- serving. It was a very dependent system. The business owners depended greatly on the work from the Proletariat, they were not going to provide a source of labor. So, to keep the system of oppression operating, there had to be lower-class citizens. Without them, no work was done, and no profits were made. That is where Marx’s predictions originated from, that Proletariat would eventually tire of their oppression and overthrow the system. The Bourgeoisie would no longer be able to control the Proletariat. The Proletariat should then make sure the rich do not get to keep their capital and lose their inheritance. Once this is accomplished, a new world system can be ushered in. Once the system was overthrown, a new, class-less society would be created. It was fantasized that most things would be shared in this society, such as land and wealth. Everyone would be able to get an education and there would be no set structure to the class system. structure. The workers would be required to ensure no one would own property, since they could not, to obtain and maintain control.

“The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle” (Marx and Engels, 2018). This quote summarized the entire works. All society has had a clash between classes. The texts states that the course of history is derived from society being divided into parts and fighting over how things are produced. The religious leaders and political leaders were aware of the existing oppressive system, but did nothing to stop. It was no in their best interest to stop. The business owners did not want to eliminate a system that supported them greatly financially either. Marx acknowledges that the Bourgeoisie has replaced the old system of feudalism. However, was this system better than the existing system?The system the Bourgeoisie has created only makes the people who operate in it care about cash, meaning they (Proletariat) must work to make money for the business owners. The business owners care nothing for the working class, only that they make money for them and generate a profit. This made relationships cold and distant between worker and business owner.

I believe Marx is noting that religious and political leaders know this system exited, but they did not care to change it. It was not in their best interest to change it. The Bourgeoisie can no longer claim to be innocent in their dealings with the Proletariat. The system is corrupt and full of exploitation. In my opinion, it is a modern, more mundane system of slavery.


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