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The Analysis Of The Article "Scientists Make History By Genetically Modifying Human Embryos" By George Dvorsky

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The Article is exactly what the title says. It’s now reality that scientist have found a way to genetically modify humans which is extremely shocking. In the article he talks about how geneticists in china are the ones that have finally discovered how to modify the DNA of human embryos. He states this is an enormous moment in the history of genetic modification, but as well as a crucial hindrance to the project of genetically modifying humans with positive interference involving the human germline. The human germline are the body cells that are differentiated and or separated in the typical process of reproduction that may pass on genetic material to their offspring.

Mr. Dvorsky says it’s for this reason why controversy is springing about this topic because even though scientist may have good intentions for altering the human germline and be the next big step for medical evolution for the progeny of humans can also lead to unanticipated consequences. He then quotes Nature News reports that a research at Sun Yatsen University in China has already began to alter the human germline with ‘non-viable’ embryos to modify the gene that is at fault of creating a fatal bladder disorder by using a gene editing technique known as “CRISPR/Cas9”.

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As most would expect the first time for anything doesn’t work out as imagined; he says that the resulting embryos turned out to be a complete mess. He says after applying that gene editing technique CRISPR to eighty-six embryos that only seventy-one of them made it through and that fifty-four were tested and twenty-eight of them were successfully spliced and that only a few of them had the gene that was wanted. As well as what was said earlier in the article that this gene modifying would leave with unanticipated consequences he states that it did, leaving them with a number of astonishment of involuntary of mutations and that is when the researchers decided to end their experiment. It then goes to talk about how Nature and Science both rejected the study of genetically modifying humans because it’s unethical. He then goes to talk about how in the report from Nature News that Bioethicist Arthur L.

Caplan agrees that the way they went about it was totally wrong and unethical as well as the report being a fail since there was so many details left out; he gives examples like what kind of human embryos where they such as frozen, freshly new, etc. and how there was no mention of an ethics committee to approve of the research. He then goes to talk about how that experiment can possibly end up in bringing more harm than good to the public since this will eventually lead to it being the standard medical practice. Then talks about the positive of genetically modifying humans with an example talking about how they can modify DNA to get rid of genetic diseases for babies before they’re born and how it can be used to alter human trait selection in future offspring.

Then talks about how genetically modifying humans needs to happen, but China didn’t go the right way about it. He then brings back the thoughts of Caplan back into the matter talking about how those researchers should have done a lot more to justify this project of genetically modifying human embryos as well as the solution being that nationally and internationally they should address this research head on with not only scientist, but as well as religious groups, politicians and the media so that they don’t have a negative reaction with the public like they once had with the incident of the cloning of sheep.

Now how is genetically modifying humans important to biology? Genetically modifying humans is an enormous importance to biology for the simple fact of medical reasons. Imagine the possibilities that can be done with genetically modifying human embryos; they’re endless.

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