The Analysis of the Epic Tale "Iliad" by Homer

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The ‘Iliad’ by Homer is an epic tale of death, triumph, war, and glory. The story starts off in the middle of a ten year war between the Greeks and Trojans. A great transgression was committed against the Greeks by the Trojans. King menelaus's wife has been snatched out of his grasp by the beautiful and meddling goddess Aphrodite. In the ‘Iliad’ there are many examples of Gods or Goddesses doing mortals favors only if the God or Goddess is receiving something in return. This alludes to the fact that whatever lead to Helen being in Trojans hands was because of a deal or partnership she made with Paris, the prince of Troy. Helen being ‘misplaced’ is the whole reason for this ten year long senseless war between the Greeks and the Trojans.

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This show that are Paris and Aphrodite he primary villains of the “Iliad”. Paris, Son of Peleus, God like, and of course Prince of Troy, many thing can be said of about Paris but one thing that has never been spoken about is his prowess as a warrior(Iliad 3.32-33). During battle is neither intimidating or fearsome to his enemies, in fact on many occasions he is ridiculed for his innate nature of being more delicate and good looking than most (Iliad 3.45) (Iliad 3.55-56). So although Paris possesses many qualities of a hero to be remembered for centuries to come he falls shot in the most important aspect, having complete dominion of the battlefield. Instead of working on improving his skills as a warrior he chooses to wear the flashiest gear to distracts his enemies and make him feels more powerful.

This lack of prioritization is what leads him to end up being the damsel in distress when his wife is clearly at home. And so Aphrodite enters as his beacon of hope and Goddess in shining armor. Paris and Aphrodite, Goddess and mortal, master and puppet, but most of all partners in crime. Their biggest offense? The Greek and Trojan War. Long ago, 10 years ago to be exact there was relative peace among the Greeks and the Trojans, there were battles here and there but nothing like the war to come. Somewhere in Greece, Mycenae to be precise there lived a great and powerful King, King Menelaus and with him lived the alluring and fairest of them all Helen, his wife.

Helen, Helen the great, the desired, the beautiful and the spark that lit the fire in Paris’ loins. Helen was said to be the most beautiful mortal there was, blessed by olympus even and when Paris got wind of this he just knew he had to have her. With the help of Aphrodite Paris soon acquired Helen and all of her attributes. This of course made King Menelaus spit fire with fury his precious wife was stolen from him from right under nose and he didn’t find out till it was too late. The kidnapping of his wife was one of the biggest violations King menelaus had suffered and so he did the only thing he could. He started a war in honor of his precious wife that he desperately wants back, so desperately that the war lasted ten years.

The partnership between Paris and Aphrodite has benefited them both greatly. Aphrodite is revered even more the she already is because of her strategic movements in the Greek and Trojan War despite her not being a Goddess of combat in any way, shape or form. Aphrodite also receives unlimited warranty from Paris for all that she’s done for him. Paris receives the lust of his life, Helena she’s all he’s ever wanted, his most prized possession for sure. Paris is also very protected by Aphrodite out on the battlefield as well, there is an instance where Paris and Menelaus are fighting and right as Menelaus is about to go for the kill shot Aphrodite coomes to his rescue and whisks him away to be looked after by Helen.

The arrangement between Aphrodite is beneficial, their terms are negotiable but Aphrodite has the power of olympus by her side, if she wanted to she could have complete and utter control over Paris and there would be nothing he would be able to do. Although Paris and Aphrodite have benefited greatly from this situation there are many who this war was a detemement to, Helen lost her freedom,husband, and family and thousands of Greeks and Trojans lost their family and it was mainly Paris and Aphrodite fault all for beauty, honor, and kleos.

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