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Monster Hunter

World is not so much a game as a cultural asset. Half the time you need to spend in the menu, looking at the pictograms invented 15 years ago, and for every mistake you hit by a scaled freight train. But criticizing the game for it is like judging a medieval Florentine calco on football rules. Surprisingly another: how Capcom made niche entertainment really a great experience for a huge circle of players. Mechanics of the game Since until recently all Russian-language fans Monster Hunter fit in one Telegram chat, I will explain: Monster Hunter: World is a rethinking of the channel “Hunting and Fishing” in the format of an action game. It is built around the study of the habits of game, the knowledge of the terrain, the selection of ammunition and gear, and most importantly – savvy, which distinguishes a good hunter from the bad. Only instead of Pechora swamps around phantasmagoric labyrinths of giant corals or rotting dragon corpses; instead of a spaniel carrying a duck shot down – a straight cat in a funny suit; and you hunt on Godzilla’s friends, trying to hammer them to death with an electric ax-transformer the size of a motorcycle.

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Monster Hunter World Some monsters roam from one part of the game to another. Ratalos, for example, “in the service” since 2004 The central element of the game is fighting with monsters. Huge monsters easily knock you down, stun with a roar, spew fire, but to defeat them it becomes much easier when you know the scenario of this performance in advance. In the beginning, you just need to understand how to press the “kick” and evade, but over time the arsenal of maneuvers and combos grows, and the habits of monsters are remembered. But monsters with each mission passed become stronger.

One might think that the game is based on grinding – monotonous destruction of creatures in the same location in order to gain experience or resources. In fact, it is: you kill one monster to knock out the ingredients for weapons and armor, which are needed to hunt for the next, more dangerous monster. But this occupation requires ingenuity and full concentration. For example, combinations of punches are a game inside the game. They vary depending on the model of the weapon and contain unobvious loopholes like quick bounces or instant recharging. There are fourteen radically different types of weapons in the game, and each has its own rambling tree of models. On their study, you can spend half your life, and I will not even try to tell everyone about it here. A set of combos for each weapon is also different. Monster Hunter World New models of weapons and armor are usually opened after you get the right ingredients from the monsters.

There are no experience points or character levels, and the so-called Hunter Rank is rather a sports category, confirmed by your achievements. Hunting and fighting here are intertwining many mechanics, each of which can be noticed, taken into account, corrected or deceived. Will the roar of the monster stun the character, interrupting the combo? Will the weapon strike the skin on its side or only on the unprotected monster’s belly? What kind of attacks should I run away from, which ones can I block, and which ones can I just interrupt? The main secret of the charm of Monster Hunter: World and all the games of the series is the abyss of details, which are surprisingly nice to recognize and keep in mind. When a huge lizard raises into the sky and begins to water everything around with fire, it can be brought down, blinded by a light grenade. You can take only three traps with you to hunt, but no one interferes with capturing more and more details for them to collect new ones when these are spent.

When another hunter jumps on the monster on his back, you can calmly sharpen the weapon and reload, because the fight is sure to end with the monster falling to the ground, and at this point you should be ready to inflict maximum damage. Such trifles – this is the essence of Monster Hunter. The World of Monster Hunter The central location of the game world is a multi-level city, similar to the Disneyland attraction. On it are scattered vendors and other characters who give access to any of the activities: trade, crafting, the choice of missions or the search for a team. From the city you can get into one of the game zones, and you can do this not only through the mission, as in the previous parts, but also by going to the so-called expedition: simply enter the game zone without a specific goal and time restrictions and stagger there, collecting the ingredients and killing monsters. Everything concerning the menu, dialogues, stores with things, the production of new equipment and cooking, really gives the age of the series.

Although the city from which the hero is sent to the mission, noticeably prettier compared to any of the previous games Monster Hunter, it has preserved traditional rituals. In NPC monologues, references to other parts of the series slip, and the finale of the animation insert in the tavern depends on whether the bonuses from food are “striggered”. All these details are very pleasing to the veterans of Monster Hunter, but it’s not easy to understand the game. Text monologues fall out on you even before routine actions, and the menu is completely confusing. When creating a new thing or eating dinner every time you have to watch the required animation scene. For an unprepared spectator, what is happening is a waste of time, which in another game he would spend spending ammo. But it seems only so long as you do not meet really strong opponents, who demand to the last drop to use the capabilities of all existing mechanics.

By the middle of the game, you discover that you are in love with archaic icons, intricate modifier tables and practically (but not completely!) The same animation clips, because now each of these little things helps to win. Walking around the city pig, if you iron it between missions, begins to dig your coupons for free meals; an immense arsenal of weapons and armor with vinaigrette from insignificant at first glance bonuses allows you to create killer combinations. Monster Hunter World Game zones are multi-level labyrinths, in which even after several hundred hours of game you continue to open new corners What’s new in Monster Hunter: World Monster Hunter: World, released on the PC and consoles of the latest generation, is perhaps the longest evolutionary leap in the history of the series. Until then Monster Hunter existed only on portable consoles – Nintendo 3DS and Sony PSP.

Obviously, World, compared with its predecessors, looks luxurious. But the main thing is that the game has successfully survived the move to a new schedule, preserving the players’ favorite details. The developers created the world anew, and they managed to find a middle ground between realism and a slightly frivolous puppet aesthetics of the original games. Monster Hunter World In MHW, rare visual elements are put into the game simply for beauty. The world constantly communicates a huge amount of information – you just need to be able to read it The interface of Monster Hunter: World is noticeably friendlier than the previous games of the series. The hunter is now equipped with a swarm of savvy fireflies that fly ahead, highlighting traces of monsters and usable ingredients.

This is one of the most elegant ways to indicate the route in the history of video games. In MHW for the first time in the series, there is a radial menu where you can decompose items, recipes for crafting and gestures into four different “discs”. Switching between them, the necessary action can be performed in two clicks, even in the heat of the bout. The “sharpness” of the weapons is now easier to assess thanks to the updated indicator, and when strikes from monsters fly off numbers that indicate the amount of damage. The most routine activities for crafting are now automated. For example, the “treat” Mega Potion is obtained by adding to the weaker Potion honey. If during the mission to pick up honey, and in the inventory is not enough Mega Potion, it will be scrambled from Potion automatically.

Monsters are redrawn from scratch, and also acquired more detailed hitboxes and sets of movements. Monster Hunter – this is not a “sandbox”, not an “open world”, its unpretentious story campaign does not go to any comparison with the stories of other modern games. Actually, the whole World in Monster Hunter: World is half a dozen separate levels. But this game is literally breaking from the content. The main thing that Monster Hunter: World has is the ability to engage a player for a long time, for which modern giants of the industry for dozens of millions of dollars release a lot of DLC and multi-user modes. Levels in Monster Hunter: World are few, but they are extremely detailed. You know them so well that you feel at home, but you realize that you have not fully studied them. You are ready to hunt and you know your prey, but you always expect surprises. This is the perfect combination, working in 2018 is no worse than in 2004.

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