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The Analysis Of The "Knight's Tale"

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Knight’s Tale Analysis

Introduction to Leadership

William Thatcher is the squire of a knight (Sir Hector), who in the middle of a fight of jousts, dies. In order to eat him and his companions, he decides to justify it, after doing so he offers his companions and friends to share the money earned and compete in the joust, which was totally forbidden for those who were not of the nobility. Will adopts the name of Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein which helps him to rise socially and to be able to fight in the jousting of jousts, although for this he needs an Eraldo, that facilitates him the noble titles, and just going to a combat he meets a man naked that says to be peregrinating, that is Eraldo and writer, this is united to Will, Wat and Roland.

Later Kate joins, a blacksmith widow that fixes the armor to William and that later makes a lighter and more resistant armor to him, takes to his measurement. In one of his combats he meets two people who will be crucial characters in the plot of the story, a girl of enormous beauty that falls in love at first sight which is called Joseline and the black prince with whom nobody wants to fight, for fear of hurting him, only Will dares to fight with him, Prince Edward takes him into account and when he needs help he returns the favor. Joseline is being sought by Count Adhemar de Anjou, merciless man who will become the archenemy of William.

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Joseline discovers that she is not noble but does not care and they decide to be together. Ademar, by order of the black prince takes his army to the Battle of Poitiers, far from the combats of joust. When Ademar disappears, will wins all the fights, when Ademar finds out she does her best to return. Already in London, Ademar orders that they follow Will. He discovers that he is not noble when William goes to visit his father who has not seen him for 12 years. When he sees him, he is arrested and put in a trap. Only the king could get him out of that predicament and that’s how it was. The black prince names him Sir William Thatcher. William in front of his father Ciago and his beloved wins Ademar. He manages to change his star, like his father, years ago he told him.


The book of leadership of Northouse contains many theories that could be evidenced in knight’s tale, however in this analysis two theories will be applied: leadership and behavior approach. The young William of our history is witnessing a moment that he might never forget, at his early age he was taken by his father to witness knight encounters from all over the world and knew clearly that knights were among the most respected people in his life ,at this time we can witness the trait approach since the knights had to have “great man” characteristics which were: have a noble title, be born in a family belonging to the monarchy, a name like ” Lord ” and finally be rich. Leadership is defined as the process that an individual influence a group to reach a common goal, this can be seen in William who, when his knight dies, emerges as a leader taking a knight position and at the same time defining the roles of each one of the people in the group.

The common goal of the group is to eat, here is the second theory in which it explains how the behavior of the leader infers in the process; for this we can see how William in the mesh of leadership occupies the 5.5 that is that leader who is committed to the group listening to the ideas of each one and avoiding the conflict between the group, this is reflected in the scene in which an agreement could be reached on whether to continue with the fake of the gentleman. William faced the situation declaring the advantages and the achievements that could be carried out if he continued with the false that he was the gentleman. The true leader is born based on the decision. That way his dream began taking shape, he told three more friends who started training him so he could start competing, at first it was too bad to compete, he really did not measure up, but then with practice What he did with his friends in the forest began to improve; it was not easy to start, but he was happy because he had already taken the first step to fulfill his dream.

Every leader is always in a process of formation and as dreams are achieved, more knowledge and wisdom are reached to be a better person. And it was thus with the passing of time that William began to improve and to reach the winning positions and with the same his name was beginning to be known all over the place, there was more talk of him in the crowd and everyone knew him. It is worth mentioning that a true leader fights for his dreams until the end, no matter how difficult they are and for our hero it was a job that took him to a final battle where he had many factors against him, threats about his life history that promised to destroy everything he had accomplished, threats about taking him to the dungeon and the gallows so that he disappeared and it was as if he had never existed. But in the end William was the winner and that was how everything ended happily because William had achieved his dream by becoming a gentleman and becoming recognized within the Society improving every day as a leader and at the same time as a management of the tasks he does. Also, part of the theory of leadership.


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