The Analysis of the Movie "Black Panther"


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The Movie Black panther does an incredible job of discussing complex issues like black identity, history, colonialism,technology, globalism vs isolationism and the future. It carries on all these conversations through stories. Draws attention to symbolism, clash between characters who all make compelling cases for their sides We often see superhero movies, where we can immediately direct the antagonist, how ever in the film black panther decides to use the super hero power to process ethical questions through dramatic conflicts without over simplifying and enhancing its entertainment value.

Wakanda is country hidden in plain sight,> the world is over looking power of black people but this power is greater then the world can ever imagine.When claws steals wakandas valuable resource, vibranium it has an obvious colonial field to it>vibranium in a valuable natural resource and it is being taken from the country that owns it which they thrive off of( they mine it, use it in technology).

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Mueseum scene, where a white women lectures Erick killmonger about African artifacts but she gets some information wrong in which Erick corrects her and steals the displayed valuable items not before reminding her that her people stole them to begin with. Erving is to not forget how much white society has taken an appropriated from black communities. Wakandas fear is to losing everything if it reveals itself to the world because we know what colonialism has done to so many real countries. Wakanda is a vision of what an African country would be or could have been if it hadn’t been damaged by imperialism and exploitation.

Even though The film is linking blackness across national boarders it’s also acknowledging that black Americans have long been deprived of a connection from Africa, they cannot trace there ancestors because of the history of slavery. Erick still as wakanda inside of him but the movie showing how being cut off from your heritage is tragic; when T-challa drinks the herbs. Erick still as wakanda inside of him but the movie showing how being cut off from your heritage is tragic; when T-challa drinks the heart shaped herb he gets to talk with his father; he’s in his beautiful homeland glimpsing all the black panther ancestors that came before him. But when Erick gets to visit his father he enters their old apartment in Oakland, he sees a tv full of empty statics and invasions his father alone, cut off from his ancestors.

Central conflict in the film is also this complex relationship between Africans and the African dieaspra, especially after African Americans. Reason why black panther works so well is because Erick plays as a villain who’s right, his anger is justified. For him African and African Americans identities are irreparably divided by the history of mass enslavement. Both tchalla and Erick symbolize the historical debate between black leaders whether to achieve process through peace or aggression. Tchalla Aline’s with Martin Luther king philosophy of non violence and Erick Aline’s with meclom X philosophy by any means necessary. Both sides want the same thing just a different approach for a solution.

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