The Analysis of the Story "A Rose For Emily"

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A rose for emily is a crazy story. This girl named Emily is psycho/crazy and kills her boyfriend. She lives in a big white 2 story house in a forest looking neighborhood. Emily has a big crush on this guy and ends up getting to go on dates every sunday for months. Everyone is happy for emily and glad that she finally found somebody for her.One day Emily’s boyfriend disappears and she acts like she don’t care. She doesn’t act sad or anything. Everyday someone would always ask about what happened to him but she would never answer them and would get mad saying it reminded her of her dead father. People were always suspicious and keeping their eye out because he just disappeared randomly. One day people in her neighborhood started noticing that her hair was starting to get more grey/ white. Emily didn’t leave the house much anymore and didn’t really ever leave her front door open anymore like she always used to do. Out of the blue everyone just stopped seeing emily. Come to find out, a couple weeks later, that she had got sick and passed away. After she passed away people were wondering how she died because she never told anyone she had a illness.

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A few weeks later they had a funeral for her. Years after the funeral, Emily’s house was searched and a secret room was found that looked like it hasn’t been opened for years. They used a broom to get the door open and found something mysterious in their. Also with a very bad smell to it and theS whole house. There was the corpse of her boyfriends body lying in a bed in the secret room that was found. There was grey hairs on the pillow next to him for sleeping with him every night, “the grey hair was lying next to his pillow 40 years later”. She didn’t want to let him go so she thought that killing him was the best thing to do. Who knows how long he has been gone but the whole house, especially the room, smelled really bad and she tricked everyone to thinking it was from dead rats. If only she was still alive to get her punishment. Emily’s town itself is so stubborn and closed minded that Emily struggles to please herself and society. She doesn’t like change and doesn’t like when people mention her dead father. When she shows signs of accepting this truth at last by showing interest in Homer, her town tried to intimidate her and force their beliefs upon her because they too do not want things to change due to their fear of what the outcomes may be.

The people of her town are aware that because they have the same values and beliefs they are united. This gives people comfort because they know they can always turn to a neighbor if they need anything therefore they all live the same way and live in fear that if they don’t, their neighbor will fail to help them if they ever encounter a time of need. But they were proud that she finally found somebody until one day they were all in question because one day he just disappeared.

Editors verdict:
The essay is able to convey the gist of the story to the readers. Unfortunately, there are issues in terms of grammar, mechanics, word choice, and sentence structure. The essay would also benefit from section headings and a better conclusion.The introduction is missing the thesis statement. The essay also lacks in providing enough evidence and the few given are not cited with the author’s last name and page number. Lastly, I would like to mention that the year of publication of the story needs to be cited wherever mentioned in-text. We need to work on addressing these issues, so that your essays in future can be of a better quality.

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