The Analysis of the Story "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury

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The Analysis Of The Story “The Veldt” By Ray Bradbury

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The parents themselves are entirely responsible to the leading of their deaths indirectly. In “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury, the children are set off in the nursery, and after they become possessive of their new house, it sets them in an attempt to kill their own parents in order to prevent the house from shutting down. The parents did not take any action and discipline the children, were not able to shut down the house in time, and did not have the mentality to control the children.

First of all, the parents were unable to achieve what they should of been doing as normal parents and wholly relied on the house to do it all for them, also taking into account they hardly disciplined the children. In this case, it is admitted by the mother when she says “Can i give a bath and scrub the children as efficiently or quickly as the automatic scrub bath can”. Further proving that they were not able to take action. In addition after attempting to shut down the house “The two children were in hysterics. They screamed and pranced and threw things.They yelled and sobbed and swore and jumped on the furniture”. This completely reveals they were not strict enough and did not enforce many if not any rules.

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Secondly the parents did not shut down the house. Namely once the children bonded with the nursery it was no going back, “You have let this room and this house replace you and your wife in your children’s affections. This room is their mother and father, far more important in their lives than their real parents”. This evidently validates that the parents went too far with the house and had they been able to shut it down quicker, the kids may have not adapted to their spoiled lives, and resist the change to their new life.

Finally the parents did not have the mental fortitude to control the children and give effect to their lives. As the story progresses it is clear that the parents are becoming increasingly nervous and are fearful “You’ve been awfully nervous lately” and “Lock the nursery for a few days until I get my nerves settled”. Also the parents are beginning to become self aware of their unproductivity, notably “You’re beginning to feel unnecessary too.”, and probably most compelling of all they had to hire a psychologist to come inspect the room, and the inspector himself admits of a bad feeling in the room. This demonstrates the parents distress and incompetence to take care of their children.

Further explaining why the kids killed them because of the lack authority in their parents. Given these points, it is clear to see that the parents are utterly responsible for their deaths incidentally. Had they taken action and rule their children, shut down the house, and not have a nervous disposition, they may have not died so cruelly. This is the story of “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury.

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