The Apparel Industry in India

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The apparel industry has its roots engraved since the very age of World War II for the fulfillment of uniforms for the soldiers. Since then this particular industry has undergone a lot of development as well as modifications in terms of technology, fabrics, patterns, quality. etc. Today India marks to be one of the rulers in textile industry. It’s a much known fact to every human being existence that clothing forms our basic requirement. The garment sector provides us with this basic need of ours that is CLOTH and the raw material to make this cloth is taken care by the textile industry in the form of Fiber, Yarn etc.

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Every industry has their elements to cater so as the apparel and clothing industry. They cater to provide mankind with designer and fashionable clothes which would enhance one. Each and every piece of clothing that is produced, as result of a marvelous work of handcraft based on specific theme and fashion in trend, with a sole purpose to satisfy the market requirements. Thus, the apparel industry is responsible for giving every generation a new and unique trend to follow. To ensure this they undergo a very tedious process of getting in touch and connecting the market with that of the fashion designers with together fulfills the consumer needs and wants. Clothes form a sign for:

  • Identification
  • Modesty
  • Status
  • Attitude
  • Personality
  • Protection

The apparel industry depends mainly upon two important parameters namely the consumers who are actually the trend setters and the cost incurred to manufacture the piece of fashion. Apart from these two major factors there are few other parameters on which this particular industry work and they are the strong hold in the versatile market, efficiency and dedication towards getting profitable deals with the wholesalers and marketers to remain in the retail sectors. This industry is a open forum to employment as they require a huge amount of skilled artisans as well as equipment’s in the form of technology.

In today’s scenario apparel industry is one of the most important contributors in Indian economy after many other sectors. With every new trends flooding in, advancement in technology, new designs of fabrics etc, there is a wider scope in the market for this particular industry to grow to its maximum. Withstanding all odes this apparel industry has always proved the market its potential to be the best. It has earned the position of the industry ruler and the fastest developing industry in India among several other strong entrants in the market.

In the recent days the behavior of SHOPPING CLOTHES among the general public has undergone a very eye catching change. Their buying behavior, fashion statements, etc has brought a remarkable revolution and gave a new image to shopping. Retailing today has new formats which have opened doors for consumers with a wide variety of options to shop in apparels. The concept of SHOPPING MALLS, EXCLUSIVE OUTLETS, and BRAND FACTORY etc had set a benchmark among the consumers’ expectations in shopping for apparels. Today we are open to several brands and fashions. We can actually choose according to our preferences, status, and obviously our pocket depth. This industry has opened doors for each and every segments and class of people to be fashionable and standardized.

Few well known retailers in the market are as follows:

FUTURE GROUP: a shelter for many well-known discounted departmental stores such as Big Bazaar, Central, Brand Factory.

MAHINDRA GROUP: it is an individual multinational company operating in many countries over the globe.

RELIANCE INDUSTRIES: a very well-known industry to all which has many subsidiary among itself such as Reliance Fresh, Reliance Digitals, Reliance footprint, Reliance trends.

ADITYA BIRLA GROUP: a leading competitor in Indian fashion and apparel market from the time it acquired

MADHURA FASHION AND LIESTYLE LTD. It has many sub brands under its banner

ADITYA BIRLA FASHION AND RETAIL LTD. Such as PEOPLE, Planet Fashion, Peter England, Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, Allen Solly.

FABINDIA: It’s an Indian retail chain store mainly their products are based on rural theme and they focus on giving employment to village people. India has seen a flood of apparel brands in the recent era. Among them some holds back their legacy since a very old age and there are also few own a very new brand image.

Among them all the key brands that fought to be in the top of the fame board is as follows:

MADURA GARMENTS: this brand along with sub brands occupied the title of market leader when it comes to classy apparel. It main focus is men’s wear readymade garments. They are well established as large exclusive stores with world class exclusive men’s wear. Madura garment is complete with its key sub brands such as Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, Peter England, Allen Solly.

RVIND: This particular brand is joint venture collaboration with a US based company they basically bring in the US global brands into Indian market. All their sub brands are US based such as ARROW, Lee, Flying Machine, Wrangler.

RAYMOND: Another milestone player in fashion and apparel industry is Raymond. They have strong roots of legacy in garments since years. Some well-known brands under this banner are Color Plus, Park Avenue.

MAX FASHION: A landmark group company with it’s headquarter at Dubai. They are spread across 110 major cities with approximately 350 stores. The group’s investment in the market is above Rs. 300 crore which is to increase in the next 5 years.

The apparel industry in India is not only a market leader in manufacturing but also found at the top cadres in the export scenario. India ranks in first 5 position in export business. In textile it is 7th and in clothing it is 6th approximately. India shares a 50-50 share in readymade as well as textile exports. Not only does it ends here over 150 countries globally imports Indians textile products. Also India is a proud exporter of 2/3rd of its products to America and Britain.

Along with this stupendous growth the government of India had also decided to extend its support in all means towards the apparel and textile industry. In the recent 2017-18 budget session many such measures were taken up the government. Angel investors are encouraged to invest more in this sector so that they can grow in the market. Labour skill development programs are also started. Several E-commerce start-ups are to be introduced focusing mainly on the weavers, artisans, and handloom clusters. A heavy amount of monetary aid was promised as government aid to develop the technology, and bring in new and advance textile machineries and plants. India through years has hold back the legacy of being in the top list in the Apparel Industry. This was only possible because it is the only country with very rich natural fibers, raw materials that enables manufacturing industries to produce clothing at a very less cost.

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