The Appropriate Age for Social Media

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Positive Recommendations for Appropriate Age for Social Media
  • Restrictions and Limitations for Age and Social Media Use
  • Risks of Using Socila Media at a Certain Age
  • Conclusion


The rapid development of technology has found its place in the lives of people today and one of its forms is social media. As human communication has quickly moved forward from the pre-internet era it can reach the younger generation in a way that children and young adults may be exposed to it from an early age with their eyes on social media. There may be a certain downfall to all that related to time management and peer pressure so the question arises: should there be a legal age limit for social media? Writing an essay on this topic would require exploring the potential benefits and risks of social media use for children and young adults, examining current age restrictions in place in different countries, and considering the ethical implications of regulating access to social media.

What qualifies as social media is various types of communication between people the electronic way online, where one can get in acquiring and passing information to others, getting a hold of ideas, finding personal interests, messages through an interactive computerized system.

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There is an established appropriate age requirement for the younger generation when to start using today’s website in the social network space and the microblogging that benefits most in establishing contact with others.

Positive Recommendations for Appropriate Age for Social Media

There are plenty of good things about social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and more) that helps children and young adults to stay connected with friends and family, enhance their creativity by sharing ideas, music, art and interacting with others who share similar interests, communicate with educators and fellow students.

There is biological importance in electronic communication to age restrictions when it comes to the appropriate age of kids to get into the social media, about their level of maturity and eagerness to try it for themselves, parents should have the correct expectations that the older the kids are the better the results. Maturity is important in a kid’s social media behavior. Good age for kids to embark on their social media route is the age of 13 years when they can make first steps responsibly in their career in technology.

Parental guidance should not fall far behind though, regarding kids and the time management, keeping laptops and cell phones in public places in their families where children can get the right exposure to social media at the right time with all the benefits for their homework and school work. There is a legal age for getting introduced to social media that earliest children can join it at age 13 or above, Learning social media can enhance kids connections with their social circle – their friends and family bring fast speed of information at their fingertips, assisting in building up their knowledge and culture, help them learn do their school homework better and develop new skills as typing and problem solving, creating overall more confident, healthy and knowledgeable kids who turn up into tech-savvy and focused young adults fully in charge of their lives. Being smart with today’s technology is of great importance for children, teenagers, and young adults.

Growing up in the age of information and digitization of today, creating screen-smart generation of kids and young adults is of major importance to our society and therefore adult supervision is an essential and beneficial step in the way in the kid’s social media journey high tech kids in the modern world of smartphones and “wireless technology.” P8 “Embrace the good and Avoid the Bad in the Digital Age” by Julianna Miner.

The author concentrates on the positive reinforcements regarding the young minds of kids, teens progressing to adulthood: “I’ve come to realize that the people I’m raising are growing up and into a newly made digital society, one that I am obligated to teach them how to live in.” p8 “Embrace the Good and Avoid the Bad in the Digital Age” by Julianna Miner. The right expectations should always be set in front of the kids and young people to keep them interested and motivated in the social media world.

Restrictions and Limitations for Age and Social Media Use

Some of the restrictions and limitations should be present for the correct usage of the social media, like where, when and how often (like not in the classroom in the school, late in the bedroom when it is time to sleep), setting up an appropriate time for that to be followed up. These are some examples of parental guidance for kids and young adults as well as having their computers or phones in the public area of their families where everyone can keep an eye on them after daily use each day. Adult control is required, as well, in what information children will get while using the social as pointed in the book, “Embrace the Good and Avoid the Bad in the Digital Age” by Julianna Miner, p8. Another book advises” “Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in their Digital World” by Devorah Heitner, PhD” Screen wisdom is not operational or functional. It is not about how to keyboard or how to code. Anyone can learn technical aspects of using apps and devices with enough practice. True screen wisdom is about relationships. It’s the kind of connection we can have with one another. It’s about trust and balance p4.

Advancing in an electronic communication is keeping in mind responsibility, accountability and security and adult supervision for the young generation in the advanced and complex world of social media those are part of how to put technology forward in its best use. For example, the book “Raising Humans in a Digital World. Helping kids build a healthy relationship with Technology” by Diana Graber p5, mentions: “How is technology enhancing or impacting children’s ability to live happy, healthy and productive lives?” It’s all the benefits from social media for the correct development of kids, teenagers, and young people.

Risks of Using Socila Media at a Certain Age

There are some risks too associated with social media that deserve appropriate consideration. Social media screen time is capable of depriving the young generation of quality time with their parents, usually associated with family discussions and getting feedback. As well as cutting some of the overall playing time with relatives and friends, leading to lesser involvement in childhood creativity and imagination (while spending more time on their phone and laptop). Even not devoting enough time for their usual school homework, accounts for the bad side of social networking nowadays.

In conclusion, maximizing the benefits for kids and young adults from social media usage should always start at the appropriate age of 13 (and above) when they are mature enough to get exposed to it. The correct age, hand in hand with wise family guidance and control – stands for being healthy, positive, safe in communication and time orientation and good relationship with others, as well as all social media devices.


Time spent well online matters in creating a positive for the experience of the young mind. It may take some time and effort but 13 years old kids and young adults are in their way of discovering how to use their connected devices, where above all safety, wisely, ethically and productively a winning behavior for their future. Parents play a vital role in today’s society leading kids, teenagers and young adults with their good example of how the young generation can navigate through the vast social media with the right age and virtual attitude.

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