The Area that May Be Challenging for My Social Service Work

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One area I believe would be very difficult for me in the social service worker field, would have to be working with clients who have been sexually assaulted. When I was 6 I was sexually assaulted by a close family member for 3 consistent years. At this age I did not understand the whole situation I just knew it was wrong. For many years I tried my best to ignore the situation I pretended it never happened but I was never successful. As the years went by I struggled to confide in anyone that I trusted. It was my story but how do I tell the people I love about what happened to me. I was just so scared of how my parents would perceive me that I never knew how to tell them.

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A lot my morals and values were developed from my parents they taught me a lot about respect not only for other but for myself. They lectured me extensively about always telling the truth they wanted me to be open and honest with them. For years I felt guilty that I was never being honest with them about what had happened to me. My relationship with my parents was greatly affected by the situation and I pushed them away. I felt disgusting, violated but most of all undesirable I let someone take something so precious from me at such a young age. I found it hard for me to build a healthy relationship with anyone especially boys.

In 2017 I decided to tell my sister this secret that had been haunting me for years this helped me open up to my family who were saddened and shocked at the fact that I did not come to them earlier. I went to counseling which helped me express myself but also helped me understand it was not my fault. With my client I feel like my first step is to try and make them as comfortable with me as possible I understand how hard it is to open up to someone you don't know about something so difficult. I would try starting with some simples questions for the client to develop trust and confidence within me. I might ask them if they have ever seen a social service worker before. I might also ask them what is there biggest goal they hope to achieve after are sessions. I’d ask these questions so I can get an insight on how my client is feeling but also if they have come into this with any prior expectations, it would also allow me to ask more underlying questions about why they have chosen to come to get help.

I understand that working as a Social service worker you may encounter clients that have triggering situations and I would make sure that as I am helping my client to the best of my abilities but I am also seeking professional help with my mental health when needed. I want to ensure I am making ethical decisions that will further help my client find the clarity and peace of mind they desire.

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