The Arguments on the Position on the Value of Striving for Perfection

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Pressure of Striving for Perfection in College
  • The Value of Striving for Perfection and Mental Health
  • Positive and Negative Dimensions of Striving for Perfection
  • Conclusion


Striving for perfection has been labeled in a positive view in society. But it can also have some bad attributes resulting in negative tendencies affecting someone’s life. When accomplishing a goal we experience the pleasure, and satisfaction of positive perfection. But when we fail at something we have a desire to achieve and finding the value of striving for perfection. It can lead to negative perfectionism which can take over your whole body and soul making you feel discouraged, vulnerable, and worthless.

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Pressure of Striving for Perfection in College

In college we all have goals and expectations and want to strive to do are best, and so we don’t have to retake a class again. Today there’s an epidemic of college undergraduates suffering with depressive like symptoms. In society our parents and teachers mold in our heads to always strive for your best. In society there’s a race students striving for perfection in school and sports comparing themselves believing that their significance depends on being perfect and do not want to disappoint their family because many others expect great from them. This can cause students to have atychiphobia when fear of failing a class or having trouble doing the work can take a toll on your body causing you to have anxiety, stress, and have panic attacks.

The Value of Striving for Perfection and Mental Health

Perfectionism can be in many types. One being OCD it can be an extreme form of perfectionism. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, also known as OCD, is a disorder that affects both the mental and physical states OCD involves a disconnect in communication between neurotransmitters in the frontal and central structures of the brain. The frontal lobe of the brain has the function of controlling things such as personality, behavior, and emotion, as well as controlling bodily movement and self-awareness. Rumination can be breaking into a part of OCD that can cause a person to spend an excessive amount of time worrying, which can cause anger attacks when needs are not met.

Positive and Negative Dimensions of Striving for Perfection

Anger and rumination are damaging to the body physically and psychologically. Perfectionism has been labeled a good trait when causing pleasure or satisfaction but can be toxic when it turns to negative perfectionism; not accomplishing your goals or task leading to depression and stress.

Perfectionism is a multiple personality trait that is characterized by setting high standard goals that can be hard to reach. Perfectionism can be moved by an attribute for critical assessments for someone’s behavior and be sensitive to make mistakes. There are two major dimensions of perfectionism. The first has been described as positive being normal, healthy for you. Studies have shown positive correlation having a positive affect on your body. The second dimension negative causing your body to be mal, and unhealthy leading to depression, anxiety, and stress.


Perfectionism can be related to anger in some aspects. Triggering the mind in a negative effect that can result in frustration which can cause someone to lose their focus or unable to control themselves or blame others. Anger and rumination sounds very similar but the two are different anger rumination can be reacted by episodes and increased suicidal ideation. A theory says that people who experience lack of compatibility between their goal outcomes and realistic outcomes will experience more rumination. There's a study that shows that undergraduate students are among the highest to be affected.     

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