The Art Of Listening In 21 Century

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The skill of listening and understanding is dying day-by-day. Listening, can be developed through practice, which allows one to capture and understand information that is communicated. As a result, basic skills are being lost as listening is only half of the communication. The other half is speaking. Generation Z and Generation Alpha listen to answer, instead of trying to comprehend what is being communicated.

The swift rate at which technology has been advancing is causing people to be constantly distracted. The art of listening is slowly depreciating over time and it is becoming a skill which is no longer seen as much due to technology and selfish ways. The outside world we are surrounded by ceases to exist due to social media, video games and television as people are glued to their smart devices. People are flooded by the amount of information at their fingertips due to the internet, therefore they do not find information being communicated by others informative. Their attention spans are becoming smaller and smaller each day.

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In today’s society, people prefer to stay in their individual spaces to avoid uncomfortable situations and new obstacles. As a result, many turn to music as a source of comfort. Putting on a set of headphones and shutting the outside world out is a way of avoiding conflict. Although, one is still listening to someone else’s words being communicated, but in a manner which they can relate too.People are becoming scared to ask others for help, advice, their opinion because they are scared of criticism. People are becoming more stubborn. People nowadays find it difficult to allow for constructive criticism.This directs them in a way that they distance themselves from people, from reality. One has to sometimes force themselves into uncomfortable situations in order to communicate with others.At first it will always, most probably be awkward, but then it becomes easier and the persons self-confidence grows.

Everyone wants to be heard, but no one is willing to listen. Listening is potentially one of the most powerful tools a person can have. Steven R. Covey stated “most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” People tend to believe that they know everything, thus lose interest in whatever message is being communicated to them.

Although, when one listens to understand others, it brings a change in attitude for themselves and others. It changes their personal values and fundamental beliefs.It changes their whole personality.

Through losing the art of listening, one is losing the ability to communicate in an effective and efficient manner. Over time societies have been run on each generations ability to interact with one another, share opinions and create new, interesting experiences. If we continue to shut those around us out for digital screens, the art of listening will eventually be lost for good and will not be easy to recover.It is easy to forget but difficult to learn again.


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