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The Art of Touching the Surface

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My personal opinion on graffiti is mainly that it shouldn’t be defended. But on one hand I understand what the people preaching for grafitti as an art from is defending and trying to get across. It’s spoken of as an form of art, and a way for the young to express themselves and create something. I get that it’s hard to create big meaningful things as a kid, and that graffiti is one very well functioning way to do just that. But even though it may be perceived as art by some, it’s not a legitimate reson to go against the law. It’s not allowed to paint on buildings and objects that does not belong to the individual. My belief is simply that, as long as graffiti is considered as vandalism and is preformed against permission, it should not be defended. I don’t believe that there is an excuse that validates ruining and painting on public and private property. If the space your using doesn’t belong to the painter or that the painter hasn’t gotten permission to use the space, then you should not be allowed to destroy property, public or private. But graffiti as the art form itself, I find cool, as long as it is preformed at the printers own property or a loose canvas.

Youtube have indeed exploded in popularity the last few years. And the community is filled with content from different creators. In video tutorials on youtube, a common similarity is that, the video is very instructive and often produced in a short and effective way. You get your answers quickly and the youtube creators all do it for free. Almost every tutorial have in common that they try to relate to the viewer as much as possible, so that you stay and watch. The videos is often composed of techniques or materials that are cheap or easy to find for the average person. A popular kind of tutorial video on youtube is “DIY”-videos. Which stand for “Do It Yourself”. These videos have the consistent theme of showing the viewer how to make something yourself for a cheaper price than in a store. You can finds countless of tutorial videos on youtube. But what they all have in common is that they try to get views by being the easiest, cheapest or most effective for the viewers sake.

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Animations on youtube is also a big thing, often it can be combined witch music. Music videos can be animated as a way to bring life or spread the message in a song. There are also several comedy animated videos on youtube as well. And a common feature of animated youtube videos are, that they have a fast pace. They all want to catch the viewers interest, so they are quite quick to get to the point, or to wake an emotion in the recipient. They also tend to have cartoony characters, as a way to bring humor or to once again, bring emotion to the video. Music on youtube don’t tend to differ so much from music elsewhere. Though the music videos on youtube can be used to bring life to the song. Just as my example with music and animations. Music videos are often emotional or really up beat and “loud”. Either way the point is to capture the viewers attention fast. And thats the common feature between all of these geners in youtube videos. They all try to get the viewers attention, and therefore cannot be slow or uninteresting in the beginning. They all try to send a message, wake an emotion or be funny right away.


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