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The capacity for organizations to unite and influence the world around us is one of the main reasons I wish to study Business. With the right control, planning and monitoring, businesses can be a turning point for an economy. Starting boarding school in year 7 presented me with my first business opportunity; there was a well-enforced rule about having clean shoes giving me the idea to establish a shoe cleaning business for a minimum charge, from which the proceeds went to charity. As part of Generation Z, I have always questioned companies that fail to move with the times. Kodak dominated the photographic film market for the majority of the 20th century but lost their chance of leading the digital photography revolution by failing to respond to market changes and innovate. Further reading led me to come across G. Day’s ‘Innovation Prowess’, which looks at how growth seeking discipline and innovation ability distinguishes growth leaders, therefore explaining Kodak’s downfall. In contrast, during my work experience at the Mail on Sunday, I learnt about their reliance on technology due to the rising redundancy of newspapers as people demand news the second it happens.

I enjoy analyzing business success articles and how it often comes down to senior management. Work experience with BAFTA’s CEO, Amanda Berry, gave me a perfect example of what consultative management is; Berry holds the decision-making power but always consults colleagues and takes their opinions seriously. When she took up the role, the Academy was suffering from a major lack of interest and funds but she completely turned the industry around and now oversees up to 200 events a year. Further work experience with the CEO of Sony Music UK, Jason Iley, showed me the importance of transferrable skills such as problem-solving and independence, as I had to help to co-ordinate many different aspects of an upcoming tour. I observed Iley’s democratic management style in action through his collaborative approach where decisions are made by a majority vote.

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Another key aspect of business which I am interested in is marketing. In my Photography A level and as part of a highly selective Film Academy, I am completing a project showing the power of advertising. Adverts including strong visual elements have been proven to get attention, only 7% of human communication is actually verbal. A passionate photographer who got to the penultimate round of the National Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, I know that a compelling photograph is much stronger than words, especially if it influences emotions, as the brain can only process a limited amount of information at a given time. This is proven in Ford’s rear view camera campaign, which features an image of a dog staring into the rear-view camera (therefore straight to the audience) for a strong emotive effect. I was able to combine my love for travel and charity work when I travelled across Peru and joined a team renovating a dilapidated school in an Amazonian village. This was an eye-opening experience as it was amazing to see the ways in which the indigenous people have built up their own small businesses selling hand crafted gifts from local resources to tourists. Through volunteering with Riding for the Disabled Association, I learnt to apply key transferable skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership. Furthermore, I am an advocate for the Elephant Family UK.

At secondary school I was the Head of the School Council and had to present to local businesses in order to gain sponsorships for events, this is where I started taking interest in public speaking and presenting. As an academic award holder, I took part in inter-school debates which led me to improve my communication and decision making skills. Business Executive Claude Littner, has shown me the power of go-getting and determination and our conversations about the commercial world have reinforced my decision to read Business.

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