The Assumed Disadvantages of New Technology Changing Our Lives

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In recent years, technological skills have developed rapidly; it influences us in multiple ways. New technology has a number of positive and negative effects on humans; it can advance our lives, but the drawbacks can affect us physically and psychologically. Although new technology such as the internet and smartphone convenience our lives, it may conflict with our daily lives and thought processes.

New technology benefits human lives by giving us convenience and improving our standard of living. It is convenient because we can gain easy access to unlimited amount of information anywhere and anytime. It would spare out personal time, where it allows people to have more time for advanced concerns, specifically, “it increases leisure time and let people develop their personalities, love, religion and one’s perfection.” (Edward W. Younkins 2000). Additionally, it also improves our standard of living by helping people in need. It can “eliminate poverty and lead to a greater variety of products”(Edward W. Younkins 2000). These technologies enable us to be more capable of producing new products that people may not have the skills to do in the past. As a result, there is an increase in the variation of products to meet the needs of different people. Moreover, new technology also helps handle multiple tasks or signals in particular jobs in more convenient ways, such as the signal devices for an “air traffic control”(Nicholas Carr 2010).These jobs need better and improved technology to be able to work more efficiently and accurately, this could avoid mistakes that may cause serious consequences. New technologies have brought us lots of improvements to our daily lives which are convenient and would improve our standard of living in different ways.

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Despite the fact that there are many benefits of new technology, too much use of new technology can interfere with our personal lives that may lead us to neglect relationships or jobs, and trigger emotional problems. Relationships and jobs might be affected when people are over addicted habit and cannot control themselves in the amount of time they spent on these technologies. For example, “Someone can’t get through dinner or meetings without sending text messages.” (April Frawley Birdwell 2007). This also happens to me and my family, where we have fewer chances to talk to each other face to face as we are all concentrating on our phones on the dinner table.It is impossible for people to spend all their time on their phones or the internet and without oblivioning their family, relationship and jobs. When they are not able to cope with everything at once, it might interfere with their personal lives. More importantly, addiction on new technologies may also cause emotional problems, for instance, people would become anxious and depressed when the phone is not around. There are also cases where people are stressed and depressed due to the fact that they spend most of their time on the internet and video games.

There are also psychological effects that were possibly caused by new technology, particularly the internet. It has the effect on our memory, concentration and thought paths. As people are not able to concentrate well, their ability for long-term memory may decrease, seeing that new technology can cause distractions and interruptions. “Web surfing would distract students”(Nicholas Carr 2010), I also experienced this where I have not finished my work due to using up the time for web surfing and visiting social media. Furthermore, technology may also affect our thought paths to think in different directions, as it would gain great control of our time and our mind, we may only rely on the information we get from the internet only. “Search engines lower our intelligence, encouraging us to skim on the surface of knowledge rather than dive to its depth.” (Steven Pinker 2010), hence, we might not be able to develop our knowledge fully as we would only rely on the internet.

Although there are benefits and drawbacks from new technology, there are rapid development and improvements in these technologies today. It will bring us convenience and increase our living standards, at the same time it may affect us physically and psychologically. It is important that we consider the things that new technologies bring us, as it might have both positive and negative impacts on our lives in the future.

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