The Avengers: the Role of Each Character in a Fictional World

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As we know, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black widow, and Hawkeye, each superhero have their unique power. In the movie “The Avengers”, superheroes require to work as a team to resistance to alien enemies. However, superheroes are always full of personality, each of them also has some weaknesses. The movie develops the story from Internal contradiction between superheroes to their collaboration against the enemy. By forming a team, the Avengers can foster strengths, avoid weakness and unite to defeat the evil forces, so that ensure the safety of the earth.

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Role is a set of expected behavior patterns attributed to someone occupying a given position in a social unit. In the movie, six superheroes are summoned as a team to resist enemies. Each of them plays different but important roles in the team. Captain America is a lack of knowledge of modern life and is not the strongest one, but he has military knowledge. Once on the battle, he is an expert who can quickly master the battle and has natural leadership ability. His orders are unambiguous and convincing. Iron Man is self-sufficient and does not like to obey commands, but he will focus on overall situations. His unique character is also suitable for creativity. 

Hulk is an unreasonable monster with amazing destructive power. He makes a great contribution under proper guidance and opportunities in teamwork. Raytheon Thor is a mythical character who is incompatible with the style of the team, moreover, his brother is hostile. Even though he seems role conflict to enter the team. But because of these, his position in the team is indispensable. He helps the team to know about enemies, and also play a role in pinning the enemy and drawing the attention of the enemy. 

Black widow is not very strong, but she plays a balanced role in the team, making the team life of male-dominated not too boring. Her performance has been greatly improved with cooperation with Hawkeye and completes the impossible task. Hawkeye lost his sanity at the beginning of the counterattack, but as a member of the team, his companions did not give up him. In this team, he is good at assists other companions to complete the task. In our careers, we always need to work as a group to complete complex tasks. As groups can dramatically affect individual behavior, management should focus on roles, norms, and cohesion in groups. 

To allocate roles is very important because it helps to improve quality, facilitate the completion of projects and increase productivity and efficiency. Members’ knowledge, skills, and abilities will affect individual performance in teams. Management should identify each member’s ability and strengths to make them create the most value in their roles. Besides, group norms dictated the experience of emotions for the individuals and for the groups, which shows individual output may be limited by group norms when they work as a group. 

Normally, group decisions can be more accurate and creative than the average individual make. Groups gather more suggestions from different people and accept the one that gets more people to support. Therefore, cultural diversity is an asset for tasks that call for a variety of viewpoints. It is also important to note that collective suggestions may wastes time or creates internal conflicts. Moreover, a team with higher conscientiousness, openness, and agreeableness will perform better in a team, because it shows members are willing to engage in the tasks. We should pay attention to the cohesiveness when the team has excess members due to social loafing.

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