‘The Awakening of American Nationalism, 1815-1828’ by George Dangerfield Review

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‘The awakening of American nationalism, 1815-1828’ is a book on the history of the United States of America. The book was authored by Dangerfield, George. The book takes an in-depth and analytical look at the events that figured the account of the America throughout this period. This is perhaps, one of the best evaluations of the historical account of the United States. Basically, through "The Awakening of American Nationalism," George Dangerfield pulls through common ground. In a number of ways, the volume serves as a brief version of his award winning "The Era of Good Feelings" though "The Awakening" concentrates more on politics and not as much of one culture (Livermore 594). Whereas shorter and supplementary centered, "The Awakening" stays put an excellent review of a crucial era of historic political establishments such as setting up of American nationality and governance structures.

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An Overview of the then American society

Dangerfield indicates the enlargement of both economic chauvinism and egalitarian nationalism and how these contradictory forces destabilized any hopes for an epoch of excellent feelings in the country’s politics. In case an individual is interested in understanding the significant political stage between the conclusions of the War of 1812 in addition to the Jacksonian time, this is an exceptional overview and, unsurpassed of all, is a simple read. The aim of this paper is to provide an evaluation of the history of the United States up to 1877. The evaluation of these crucial historical moments will be accomplished through the review of the book ‘The awakening of American nationalism, 1815-1828’ that was written by Dangerfield, George (Livermore 595).

Democracy and nationhood

The book titled ‘The awakening of American nationalism, 1815-1828,’ perfectly covers the historic events that were crucial in the evolution of the United States during that particular period. The author offers a detailed account of the significant occurrences that were synonymous with the stated period. In fact, no other book gives such a succinct elucidation of historic events specific to a certain period than Dangerfield, George’s book. It offers a very insightful analysis of historic political events with ease and clarity. The reader is treated to a simplistic evaluation of matters revolving the United States in the early 1800s, which then was a young nation nascent democratic structure.

Livermore (596) believes a fortuitous and new retelling of the narrative of the surfacing of American nationalism is presented. By any approach the years subsequent to the tranquility of Ghent, an epoch inaugurated by what has been supposedly referred to as “the era of good feelings," must be measured an instance of outstanding growth and expansion in the United States. Above all, it may be well thought-out a point in time of the fruition and maturing of American nationalism. It is the extraordinary good quality of Dangerfield's sparkling synthesis of the stage that he manages to maintain the focus on this innermost theme-the challenge among the economic nationalism talked about by Henry Clay along with John Quincy Adams and the autonomous nationalism illustrated by the enthusiasts of Andrew Jackson.

That he does so without disregarding America's position in global affairs and chiefly the mounting economic contention with Britain, nor devoid of diminishing the parts participated by the foremost actors on the countrywide stage, attests the impartial judgment as well as sense of amounts that are obvious throughout the book. In fact, it is the disagreement of the American trade and industrial nationalism in the midst of the Liberal Toryism of Lord Liverpool as well as William Huskisson that this manuscript delineates with outstanding brightness and depth. Dangerfield, a great craftsman, competently weaves numerous and different yarns into one wonderful tapestry.

By digging deep into the roles of several individuals who were the key players in the history of America during this specific time period, Dangerfield offers a credible evaluation of the history of the United States. Specifically, the author gives the reader a glimpse of the several people who were of great significance to the time period (Livermore 594-596). More so their respective role in shaping the overall history of the United States is taken care of. Essentially, the author takes into account the necessary implications of these strategic events of the general history of the United States. Hence, the novel is well customized to translate the events of this time period in America to the overall account of the chronology of the United States. Its brevity, clarity and simplicity are in a class of its own providing the reader with a perfect historical companion (Dangerfield 41-69).

In summary, Dangerfield, George offers a brief and reliable review of the history of the United States between 1815 and 1828. This makes it possible for the reader to appreciate the historical events that took place during this time period and their overall implications to the historical account of America in general. In the book, the author provides a very keen review of several key players in the United States. Through their roles in the development of the United States, the author provides the historical events that took place during this specific epoch. The significance of this era is well appreciated by the reader as they peruse through the various historical moments of the time. In a nutshell, the book provides profound account in regard to the history of America in the early 1800s.

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