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The Basic Principles Of Managing Yourself

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Some people have claimed their days never got wasted due to their organized status and the knowledge of their direction. This would not be questioned in any way. However, most people get frustrated after having an unproductive day.

The university requires you to be in absolute control of what you do, when and how you do what you do. If you are not meticulous enough, you will be carried away by the social life and assumed parental independence the level of education affords you. To avoid this, you have to maintain a balance between satisfying your course requirements as well as engaging in social life at your leisure time. The latter part should not be at the expense of the former. Even though there are many things calling for your attention in the university, you need to make bold your stand and resoluteness to attain your academic goals.

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Straightforward and straightforward management principles can be deceptively hard to implement. Self-management is a prerequisite to managing other people. Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have. This article will, therefore, expose you to the basic tips for managing yourself.

Manage your time well

If anything is the most challenging aspect of a student, it is time. The reason why some people have better results even within the universal 24 hours in a day cannot be farfetched from effective time management. How fast time flies! Most times, when you do nothing, you will discover that you have a lengthy period. However, when you are engaged in real activities, you would be surprised at the high pace time moves. It is on this note you must be a good time manager to meet your target. You can only control time by structuring your activities to suit your set plans. Excellent time management affords you the opportunity to work smarter and not harder. The overall goal is to improve your effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

As a university student, you can manage your time using a variety of ways.

  • You can use a calendar to schedule your academic activities (courses reading or reviewing, etc.) and appointments from friends, especially.
  • You can also use a checklist. This helps you list your tasks in order of importance, stay on them, and check completed ones off one after the other. Upon the task completion, a sense of accomplishment is developed in you.

Take action while following plans I will read for ten good hours tomorrow, – such is the expression made by most students with no concrete action taken. It is easier said than done. Very few students follow their plans. They keep on postponing activities; they thus find it hard to extricate themselves from the dragnet of procrastination – the biggest thief of time. While setting your plans, it is imperative to make provisions for activities that tend to distort your plan. However, a strictly-followed plan will mitigate the effects of any difficulties encountered along the way. This will also help you to check your level of progress, as well as make revisions to your plans.

Manage distractions effectively or eliminate, if necessary

Everyone gets distracted by one thing or the other. One of the significant distractions students often get is from cell phones. While many students are often tempted to return online messages (from Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.) while studying or carrying out any other academic activities, very few of them take precaution. To avoid the temptation of picking your calls or responding to chats, you can turn off your phone’s vibration or ringtone, or keep it away from you. This is to ensure your rapt attention and concentration. However, you can check your phone once each hour. Other distractions could include your friends, social activities (birthday parties, music shows, etc.), etc. You should only engage in them during your leisure but at a minimal.

By setting goals, getting rid of time wasters, and being focused and consistent with this every day, you will discover that you have enough time during the week to spend on those activities and people that are most important to you. You will thus become a better manager of yourself.


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