The Basic Principles on Why Lab Safety is Important

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The chemistry laboratory is a place specially designed to support, illustrate, and experiment with chemical concepts studied in chemistry. In the lab, we will learn the important laboratory techniques and building skills in basic laboratory techniques. The basic laboratory techniques are the processes and practices which will be practiced throughout the experiment such as handling a chemical reagent, proper pipetting of a liquid, right way of weighing a substance, recording and observing the results accurately with honesty. Besides developing the basic laboratory techniques, it is also vital to understand the importance of lab safety guidelines and practices the right laboratory safety guidelines in order to prevent any type injuries to happen and protect the equipment from being damaged as some of the equipment in the laboratory might cost a few thousands to a few millions. For an example, before designation and preparation of the experiment, the hazardous chemical reagent or substances involved in the experiment should be recognised earlier in order to assess the risks of the experiment and thus minimize the risks. Also, it is important to always prepare for emergencies that might pop up during the experiment.

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When both the right laboratory techniques and safety are both practiced in a chemistry laboratory, the next crucial steps in conducting a reliable experiment is data documentation and data analysis. The accuracy and precision of data recorded in the results of an experiment will affect the outcome of the experiment. For an example, random errors such as parallax error which occurs when an object is viewed from a position that is not at a right angle to the object will affect the data depending on the chemist. When a chemist observing an object with parallax error, the chemist will have a set of data with low precision when the random errors are large. On the other hand, the data will have high precision if the random errors are small. The significant figures recorded in the data will also improve the precision of the final results.

SI units which are known as the International System of Units is a standardized system of units around the world. The basic SI unit for length is in meter (m), cubic meter (m3 ) and liter (L) for volume, kilogram (kg), gram (g), pascal (Pa) and atmosphere (atm) for pressure, kelvin (K) and degree celsius (° C) for temperature and joule (J) for energy. The conversion of units from one to another of measurement for the same value must be calculated with the correct conversion factors so that it does not change the value of the measurement but just the units.

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