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The Basic Techniques of Badminton

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Unlike tennis, the shuttlecock and racket of badminton is lighter so the players don’t get tired easily as when they play other sports. Despite the fact that badminton is not an endurance sport, it requires the understanding of how to control their speed and strength when using different techniques to defend yourself and attack the opponent. Here are some of the most common techniques in badminton.


Smash is the most powerful shot in badminton. Because of the pace and angle of the shot, it’s hard for the opponent to return. It also increases the competitiveness of the match when the players continually using this technique. The best timing to hit a smash is when the shuttlecock is high up in the air since it gives the player time to jump and be in a right position to strike. The target of a smash is usually on the opponent’s upper torso, the opponent might not expect it to be so close to them and don’t have enough time to hit a return.

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A drive shot can be played on both the backhand and forehand and it is similar to a flat shot, which needs the player to hit it straight over the net. Drive shot is a powerful, attacking shot that is easy to perform. This shot usually be made when the shuttlecock falls near the two sides of the court which is hard to be returned with a smash. The opponent would have to hit an upward in return to this drive shot, which gives player the opportunity to hit a smash shot. In Doubles Game, players would want the shuttlecock low so drive shot is widely being used in doubles.


This is one of the easiest, but most important badminton shot. Especially when you are playing in a Singles Game since you have to give yourself time to move around the court. This strategy works best when the opponent stays in the forecourt because they have to move to the back for the next return. To perform this shot, you have to hit the shuttlecock in the middle of the racket. If you hit this technique right, the shuttlecock would fly high in the air and land at the backcourt. You might need to perform this shot when you want to slow down the game and give yourself time to recover. This shot could catch your opponent off guard, give you the opportunity to make a smash in return.


Drop shot is best to use when you are on the first half of the court and the opponent is at the backcourt because it’s hard for them to return. In order to do a perfect drop shot, you would want to hit the shuttlecock barely over the net. For this technique, you can hit the shuttlecock anywhere on the racket since the main point is to let it fly shortly over the net. The tricky part about this shot is that you want to make the opponent thinks that it’s a drive shot and unprepared for the drop. This shot is risky if you used too much force, causing the shuttlecock to fly further than you expected and costs you the rally.

These were some of the most widely used and important techniques in badminton. Learn to use these shots wisely not only improving your badminton skills but also result in a more interesting and intense game.


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