The Battle of Child Custody: the One Who Gets Affected the Most

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Table of Contents

  • Who Suffers
  • Does the courts ‘really’ favor the moms?
  • 1. Not allowing the other side to see the children
    2. Disparaging the other parent.
    3. Making allegations that cannot be substantiated.
    4. Allowing your kids to call someone else as mom or dad
    5. Not being an active part of your children’s lives
  • Dealing Cases involving Older Children

Child Custody is one of the most troubling and exhausting issues that parents can face. When two people file for a divorce, it not only breaks apart the relationship between two people but it also tears up the entire family which includes the kids and sometimes your other close relatives as well. Child custody battles can last many, many years; every state is different, every county has different laws regarding child custody divorce and if you happen to be in Pickens County, it’s essential to get the best lawyer as soon as possible to smoothly advance your case and getting the best judgement in your favor.

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Who Suffers

Child Custody is a mind-drenching issue for the parents obviously but it is also an issue of worry for the children because their world is completely different from the parents. Their goals, their aims and their routine are miles apart from their parents. When parents disagree about what needs to happen about the kids and they get into an argument with other that really bombards the child’s mind with anxiety, panic and feelings of self-hate. When a father and a mother are together, the child’s world is enclosed into a tiny circle. For the child, their mom and dad are the center of the universe and when they separate, the child suffers because his world is torn apart and they lie dangling in the middle, holding on to the thought that the divorce of their parents might just be a bad dream after all. Children don’t feel safe when they are in middle of a heated argument going on between the father and the mother and they try to find an escape route from the whole ordeal and this can lead to impairment of the psychological well-being of the child.

Does the courts ‘really’ favor the moms?

There is an urban myth going around that we live in a mother’s rights world. And to be honest that’s not the case because judges attitudes are becoming more progressive, the world is evolving and what judges are looking at is what is in the best interest of the child. If you are a mom and fighting for custody, don’t get too overconfident and think that just because you are the mom you’re going to get custody automatically. That’s not the case because you are still going to fight for the case in the court, and if you’re a dad, don’t get too overly discouraged; and don’t think just because you are the dad there is no hope for you, no chance for you that you could ever get custody. That’s not the case either.

Now We’re Going to Talk About Five Mistakes That Hinder Your Custody Battle.

1. Not allowing the other side to see the children

Don’t do that, because the courts are looking for the person who’s going to foster the parent-child relationships, unless you have real reasons to keep your children away from the other parent you should not be doing that. You should provide some kind of parenting for these children with the other parent whether it be the mom or the dad. Children require love and support of both their mother’s and equally their father’s.

2. Disparaging the other parent.

It’s morally unjust and unfair to the child if you backbite and say negative things about the other parent. This often ends up in court as an evidence. People don’t even realize how much it legitimately hurts the children and how much harm is being done to the children. Sometimes we just have to see things as they are. Plotting against your ex-spouse on such things will not better your case in any way.

3. Making allegations that cannot be substantiated.

We see this all the time. There is a custody battle and you are claiming that the other parent is on drugs, they have criminal records, they are laidback irresponsible and things of such sort; and then eventually none of that can be substantiated. If you are making an allegation, be sure to be able to substantiate that or be able to have some sort of evidence that would back that up.

4. Allowing your kids to call someone else as mom or dad

Your new spouse should have no right whatsoever to get called as mom or dad by your kids, that’s because your kids do have a father or a mother and they have equal rights over your kids as you do. Never try to belittle the importance of the other parent in front of your children.

5. Not being an active part of your children’s lives

You have to be an active part of your children’s lives. If you are going to the courts and fighting for your child’s case and you don’t even know little things that parents should know about like their teacher’s name or who the children’s doctor is, you really should think about what importance your children have in your life after all.

Dealing Cases involving Older Children

If children are older, if they are teenagers, and if they are refusing it becomes a bit more problematic because the reality is how you’re going to pick up a 15 year old and force them into the car and make them do what you want and it could become physical with an older child and even with constant pressurizing the child does not agree, them the court really need to have a look at your case.

People who have children old enough to express themselves and they are mature enough to say what they want and what they don’t want can be stubborn at times, these kids are telling one parent that they do not want to spend time with the other parent, so this can be a problem especially if there is a court order in place that says the that the other parent is entitled to some amount of parenting time and its mandatory to follow court orders otherwise you may be charged for contempt of court, in which you would be asked to come to the court, whether you knowingly or unknowingly violated the court orders.

If there is a court order in place that your child is supposed to be spending parenting time according to the schedule then the child really needs to go. Custody Battles can sure be draining. They can take a toll on your health, your work, your wealth and most importantly on your overall health. If you find yourself in the midst of a custody battle with your spouse. It’s necessary for you to find a lawyer who not only would look at your case with great precision but would help you in all legal matters required. Therefore feel free to contact us in Pickens County, providing services of the best lawyers in town.

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