The Battle of Dunkirk: Dunkirk Spirit

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The battle of Dunkirk took place in Dunkirk, France during the second world war. The battle lasted no more than a month, May 26- June 04 . The battle itself was between the England, Germany and the allied force who were the French. The battle itself started when the German army cut off the British troops forcing extensive amount of British soldiers past the sea of Dunkirk to England.

In the movie dunkirk there are many things that happened and did not happen. For example at the beginning of the opening scene of the movie Dunkirk the color pamphlets were real, although just they actually did not have color, it was just black and white pamphlets. Thought many websites there were doubts of several people not believing soldiers wandered off to the waves to drown/die, this is proven to be true, many soldiers did it. Many characters in the movie were inspired/based off real life people in Dunkirk. Kenneth Branagh’s commander Bolton was based off Captain William Tennant, “he survived to help organize the the D-Day landings , ven helping to lay oil pipeline under the channel to fuel the invasion force. In other words, he made a pretty successful return to northern France after hiatus of a few years. No word on whether he delivered dramatic one-liners as well as Kenneth Branagh” .(slate) Both of the characters of ‘Tommy’ and ‘Alex’ whom were portrayed by Fionn Whitehead and Harry Styles were true. Many survivors did experience many failed attempts to get off the beach and get across the Channel.

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The movie Dunkirk tells three different stories (They all take place in different times.) The main character ‘Tommy’ who is English has his own story, Mr. Dawson is a Englishman who wants to help out in the war and takes his boat to rescue soldiers and bring them home. ‘Farrier’ is a pilot who contributed aerial support and attacked German bombers. Through the movie the Germans were presented as the villains.

The movie Dunkirk is a very interesting movie. There were many things that were actually based off in real life. The acting was phenomenal, although there were a few camera angles that were not too well in the film, many things made it up for that mistake. The music went along well with the film,when the suspenseful parts of the film the suspenseful instrumental music made it even more suspectful it made you want to skip about ten seconds so you could finally know what happened. The costuming they had for the movie went along with it perfectly, there were no mistakes, everything went along with its year, it was like it was made in the year 1940 just with very well camera quality. I found myself get lost in the movie several times, something that does not happen often, I tend to find myself get sleepy or bored with historic movies. Even though many people have controversies about deciding whether it is a war movie or historic movie. In my opinion, I would say it is a perfect mixture of both. In the movie there is not too much war going on, they do not go into much war details as they do in usual war movies. It would not be much of a historic movie either due to them not informing one as they do in historic movies.

“Watching this thrilling movie, American citizens should find our “Dunkirk Spirit” to help our country overcome present dangers. We should also recall the sample of the new prime minister in 1940,who inspired his countryman after Dunkirk by pledging “we shall never surrender.” Churchill's words remind us that our politics need not remain tawdry and petty, and can raise once again to gender and nobility” (Messages from Dunkirk)

The movie helps contributing with the image of the time period and event. It takes place in the beach, just where the actual war was. It shows soldiers doubting one another thinking one of them is spy. It show the struggle the soldiers have. Going from boat to boat due to boats being bombed constantly, telling a person to get off the boat thinking that could make a difference, volunteering a random soldier to do the hard risky work just so they won't do it and die. Most importantly Christopher Nolan made sure he used real war ships for battle scenes.

The movie Dunkirk is an eye opener, even though it is not all historically accurate it’s show you what was going on, it get the main point across which was to inform one what went on through the war. Many people enjoyed the movie which was well filmed and scripted, at times you could see the smallest details which for example when the soldiers got nervous they walked away from the beach, to a part where nobody was around so they could go to the bathroom. Although the movie did not show most of the historic facts, they defínately showed enough to get their point across.

Christopher Nolan did the movie Dunkirk to remind us that there has been bigger disasters in the history if the british than last year when they had the vote to abandon the European Union

Before watching this movie, I did not know much about the battle of Dunkirk, many people can agree that the movie does not show all acts, but it shows enough to get the point. After looking up actual facts about the war of Dunkirk I noticed that Christopher Nolan did. Great job on the movie. Although he did not go into much detail on what happened in the battle, you know enough to know and write about it. What he did not show nor mentioned in the movie that a paddle steamer brought to England a little over 7,000 soldiers in seven round trips, that 198,00 British and 140,000 French soldiers were saved, over 40,000 soldiers were left behind and were later captured by the Germans. Unfortunately 140,000 troops whom were mostly French had to be left behind and were in hands of the Germans who did whatever they wanted with the soldiers. Lucky 338,226 soldiers were rescued by the eighth day in over 800 boats.  

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