The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingslovers: Compassion and Struggles of Illegal Immigrants

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Never have I read a book so inspiring as Barbara Kingslovers novel, The Bean Trees. This novel indeed influences young readers by giving them belief of everything is going to be okay. Reading deep inside this book, spreads a powerful message that could be really useful to some people's lives if faced with the same problem. This book majorly helps the people in need of some dedication and compassion. There is illegal immigration, affirmation of risk taking, miracles. political issues, heartbreak, but most important of all, a book full of love and promise.This fictional novel is a great read due to the development of relationships, how the characters faced their many problems, and by seeing the characters grow mentally.

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In short, Feisty Mariette Greer, also known as Taylor, is a very strong willed, adventurous native girl with a quick tongue and an open mind. Taylor is a very relatable character to me which made me strive to finish the book even more. To celebrate graduating high school, her plan was “to drive out of Pittman County one day and never look back” (Kingsolver 11). This decision changes her life forever and Taylor wouldn't adjust anything about it.

Ultimately, in Oklahoma, a young cherokee woman drops a baby off in her Volkswagon and told her to keep it, which she does. She later calls the baby girl “Turtle” and goes on to travel to Arizona, her final destination. Arizona was a life changing experience for Taylor as well as an opportunity to meet new people, such as Lou Ann. I decided to include this part of the story because Turtle is the main focus and responsibility in The Bean Trees.

The best part about the book was the dialogue. Taylor and Lou Ann’s colloquial conversations are disarming and honest. It’s very easy to fall in love with their friendship and characteristics. Taylor meets so many new people: Lou Ann, the worrisome young, friendly mother, Virgie, the senior citizen, Mattie, the bleeding heart. Therefore, The Bean Trees readily comes to life, vividly reminding us of real life issues still very relatable to our society, even after twenty years.

As a result, this book includes “love and friendship, abandonment, and belonging, and the discovery of surprising resources in apparently empty places.” (Kingsolver back). I strongly recommend this novel to people who like reading suspicious yet , and inspiring novels This inspiring, funny and skeptical novel is a must read, that will leave a mark on your life and the way you live.  

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