The Beautiful City of Tashkent

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  • A Paradise for Tourists
  • Monuments and Historical Places
  • Food
  • The Development of Tashkent
  • Conclusion

A Paradise for Tourists

Have you ever been to the capital of the east? It is located in central Asia and is the capital of Uzbekistan. The city of Tashkent is often referred to as the capital of the east because of its ancient places, historical monuments, mosques and minarets, old-world museums, theatres and bazaars. Furthermore, the traditional food is appetizing and tastes delicious. In addition, there are many restaurants where tourists can try the traditional food in Tashkent. Generally, Tashkent is a paradise for tourists. In recent past local citizens celebrated 2200 years, the anniversary of Tashkent. In 1930, the capital city of Uzbekistan was changed from Samarkand to Tashkent by Soviet's Union leader, Iosif Vassarionovich Stalin. Nowadays living conditions in Tashkent are auspicious. The climate is favorable, sharply continental. The weather cannot be predicted for a long term, yet there is always at least warm weather. For instance, in the middle of spring the temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius. Also, Tashkent has an amazing parks, which are rich in nature. The population is approximately 4 million. Citizens are very kind and always try to help in any situation. Thus, lots of tourists visit Tashkent every year and most of them are satisfied with their journey.

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Monuments and Historical Places

To begin with, Tashkent monuments are representation of the past. For instance, the monument called Courage Memorial is linked to the earthquake which happened on 26 April in 1966. The whole city was destroyed, the death rates were huge. Builders from the whole Soviet Union were sent by the government to rebuild Tashkent. Until this day, local citizens bring flowers and put them near the monument every year. Another monument of the great conqueror and leader Amir Temur (Tamburlaine) is located in central Forum Park. Tamburlaine was born on 9th April 1336. He was from Mongolian descent. He was not only the great conqueror and strategic leader, but also a very intelligent and spiritually developed person. He knew four main eastern languages of that time, Arabic, Persian, Mongolian and Turkic. Officially he had four wives, unofficially eighteen. In his submission was almost the whole Asia and parts of the Caucasus (nowadays under occupation of Russian Federation). In addition to the above, nowadays the tomb of Tamburlaine is situated in Samarkand. Also, the great pride of Uzbek nation is wise writer and poet Alisher Navoi, whose monument is also located in the center of Tashkent. Alisher Navoi was born on 9th February in 1441, in Herat. Also an interesting fact that during that time Herat was ruled by Amir Temur and became one of the cultural and intellectual centers of the whole Central Asia, therefore it can be seen why Alisher Navoi was passionate about literature and general knowledge. However that is not all what Navoi is known for. Mostly he was known for his poems that are found in his diwans, or in other words poetry collections. In addition to that, he was accomplished in many other spheres like music, composing, calligraphy painting and a lot of other skills were mastered by him during his lifetime. He also worked as an adviser to his sultan, Husayn Bayqarah, and public administrator. He worked as a builder and was responsible for caravanserais, madrasas, mansions and mosques in Herat. It can be seen, that people of that time were developing themselves in all ways that were possible and Alisher Navoi is one of the best historical evidence to this statement. Additionally, for his colossal impact in Uzbek culture, the street was named after him. Another great idea for tourists is to visit the ancient district of Tashkent and plunge into the uzbek national culture and atmosphere. "The Old Town" is located in the north-west part of Tashkent. All residential buildings are one-story houses and consist of bricks, also "The Sheikh Zainiddin Mosque" is based there. The Mosque of Sheikh Zainiddin was built in 16 century and it is saved until now. Most of local citizens come to pray there on Fridays because it is a special mosque for local residents. The tomb of Sheikh Zainiddin is buried there. Tourists from all over the world with different religions come to visit the mosque. Thus, a great number of historical places can be visited by tourists in Tashkent.


Secondly, Uzbekistan especially Tashkent is very popular due to their traditional food. The most famous cuisine is "Plov". Plov consists of yellow rise, thin slices of meat, peas, carrot and raisins. The taste of plov is extremely delicious. Ones a person tries it, they will never forget the taste. If someone travels to Tashkent, they must try plov. The best place where plov is cooked in Tashkent is Plov Centre. Moreover, Uzbek nation has a lot of different kinds of popular meal such as lagman, somsa, shashlik, shurpa, mastava. and etc. The price of the meals is really cheap. Five dollars is enough to eat first course, main course and dessert. Therefore, the best advice for tourists visiting Tashkent to try all traditional meals. Traditional meals are only one of the aspects that tourists may like, while visiting Tashkent. In addition to the above, one of the most popular restaurants is located in the Television Tower. The Television Tower was built in 1981. It is one of the highest building in the world, second in Asia and ninth in the world. The restaurant is situated on the top floor of the construction. The decor and the style of the restaurant is unique and looks outstanding. The floor in the restaurant spins around the circle, therefore customers can look at the city in different views.

The Development of Tashkent

However, there are few places for youngsters to visit. Tashkent is not very developed in the entertaining sector for youth. It was caused by previous ex-president Islam Karimov who didn't give opportunity for foreign companies to invest money. Therefore, until 2016 Tashkent had no development in entertaining facilities. Yet, the new president Shavkat Merzieev allowed foreign businessmen to invest in our country huge amount of money. For example, the richest person in Russian Federation Alisher Usmanov (whose nation is Uzbek) sold his promotions of Arsenal Football Club for roughly 650 millions of dollars and invested them for developing Uzbekistan especially for Tashkent. Furthermore, according to the Uznews (Uzbekistan news channel) large German companies are going to build Disneyland, other amusement parks, shopping malls and modern hotel complexes. Thus, it could be claimed that Tashkent will be a developed city in all spheres next decades.


To sum up, Tashkent is an amazing city for travelling. It combines huge number of places to visit, the prices are extremely low, favorable weather and polite nice citizens. I hope that everyone who will visit my home country will enjoy it and never forget the trip.

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