The Beautiful Flowers that Bloom in Winter

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Tired of packing some of your flowers once the cold season hits? Or would you like to know what the go-to winter flowers are? Well, below I get to share with you flowers that are sure to blossom during the cold winter season. Are you a flower lover? Do you want to enjoy a pretty garden even during cold seasons? Or better yet, do you want to avoid going through the hustle of packing away your garden when the cold season begins? Well, an ideal solution to this is settling on winter flowers. In other words, you want to settle on flowers that bloom in winter’s cold weather. So what are the winter flowers I should go for? Well, thanks to a wide variety of them, you are spoilt for choice. From hellebore, holly, to pansies, the list is endless. To help you settle on an ideal winter flower that’s sure to get you through a gloomy cold season, this post highlights go-to winter flowers. These winter flowers are;

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  • Hellebore
  • Snowdrops
  • Phlox
  • Pansy
  • Winter Jasmine
  • Witch Hazel
  • Pieris Japonica


Also known as a Christmas Rose, Hellebores are ideal winter flowers. Known to resemble fresh-cut red roses, this winter flower is a long-lived perennial. Think of it as a flower that easily blooms even in the darkest of months. In fact, they can thrive remarkably in frozen conditions. Hellebore’s ability to thrive regardless of the weather comes down to its deep growing root system. This enables it to receive all the nutrients it deserves even when the conditions are not that favorable.

In terms of color, Hellebore comes in a variety of colors making it ideal for a number of flower lovers. Popular Hellebore flower colors include white, pink, light green and burgundy just to mention a few. Key to note; there are two ideal times of planting Hellebores. These two are in early winter when the climate is warm and late winter when it’s extra chilly.


For years now, this winter flower has gained great popularity thanks to its beautiful droplet-like downturn petals. This go-to winter flower is very common in the month of November. This is when they tend to appear in numbers and go on to remain on the ground till the Christmas period.

Despite this fact, however, a variety of Snowdrops are also known to thrive in Early February. This go-to winter flower is very easy to spot. This is especially true during the winter season. When looking out for snowdrops, simply look out for white-green, down-turned bloom flowers.


No winter flowers post is complete without mentioning Phlox. If you are a flower lover, chances are that you’ve come across this lovely flower at some point. With Phlox, you have a flower that not only thrives but exceeds expectation during winter. A common feature with this flower is its needle-like foliage. In fact, if you were to ask an avid flower lover, they’ll be able to distinguish this particular with this one feature. A common color with many Phlox is bright pink. You can, however, find some that are purple. In addition, they might spot a slightly darker center. Key to note with this winter flower is that for it to truly bloom during winter, it requires soil that’s well-drained.


Arguably one of our favorite winter flowers in this post, a Pansy is a must-have in any garden during winter. There are several reasons why this is so. For starters, they tend to bloom for an extended period of times. Furthermore, they are low-growing and come in a different number of colors. Fun fact, Pansy’s wide range of colors includes solid and bicolor. That said our go-to Pansy color for just about any winter season is a deep purple. Embrace it as well and you are sure to enjoy a good part of your winter season.

Witch Hazel

Do you love red flowers? Maybe orange is more of your thing? Well, if your answer is yes to both these questions and looking for go-to winter flowers then Witch Hazel is ideal for you. It is known mainly for its wild spirals that spot colorful and vibrant red and orange petals. Key to note is that Witch Hazel spots a shaggy, spidery orange bloom. This usually clusters together on branches during winter thus bringing out an appealing look. In terms of blooming, this winter go-to flower commonly blooms in January.

There you have it, winter flowers that are sure to brighten up those cold winter days. For more on this or if you simply want to shop for any of the winter flowers mentioned in this post, do get in touch with Sydney Wide Flowers. You can do this by dialing 02 9773 4188. You can as well send an email to

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