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As I was peering out the airplane window, I was thinking of all the exciting adventures we can take in Florida. I have visited Florida many times, and have experienced a lot of the fun activities there are to do. Also, I am lucky to know someone in Florida and be able to go there frequently. And it is a beautiful and intriguing state. Among the top four of the nation's hottest states, Florida ranks overall as the warmest state year-round, which is the reason why there are so many different attractions. If you have ever wondered why Florida is called the orange state keep reading to find out.

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While you can go to Disney or Universal there can be long lines, annual attendance is about 17 million people. That’s over 45,000 people per day only on average. Although there are 46 rides at Disney, the most popular rides are Space Mountain, The Twilight Zone, Avatar, and the Pirates of the Caribbean . People who live in Florida can’t handle the “real winter”, because of the cold. Also, people in Florida are impatient drivers because of the constant influx of seasonal drivers. People in Florida that have been to Disney exaggerate when they say I have been to Disney “ 1 million times.” Because of their beaches, the most popular locations in Florida are Clearwater beach, Seaworld, Universal, Disney World, Tampa Bay, and Orlando. With the state of Florida having lots of beautiful beaches, magical theme parks, and lots of sun. Overall Florida is a tremendous place where you sit back, relax, and watch the waves gently wash the sand.

They also produce tomatoes, strawberries, and sugar. The tropical climate in Florida combined with the near and constant sunshine that Florida is also famous for turned out to be the ideal growing condition for oranges. Florida designated the orange as the official state fruit in 2005. Due to the efforts of a teacher of Southside elementary school, who realized that although the orange blossom was the state flower and the orange juice state beverage. Florida had no state fruit.

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The Walt Disney Resort has increased its daily visitor average to just over 52 million people. Florida has a huge population, which is why they have so many attractions. Florida is the third-most populous state. Florida’s population grew by 11.6% versus only 2.4% in New York. Orlando is the most visited destination in the United States and welcomed over 62 million visitors in 2014. It's estimated that it would take 67 full days to experience Orlando With over 95 individual attractions and hundreds of things to do at each one, it's estimated it would take 67 eight-hour days to experience them all.  

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