The Beauty: Media's Perspectives and My Contrasting Views


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If true beauty rests in the eye of the beholder, then the media needs to schedule an appointment with an optometrist. In order to please the eye, society dictates that you are thin, revealing, and “sexy.” A person with attractive qualities is appealing; however, a person can have charm without the “perfection” of a runway model.Some people are not genetically built to be paper thin, so they should not worry about numbers on a scale as much as comfort with their weight. The media tries to pinpoint an equation for beauty, but a multitude of variables leaves an infinite number of solutions.

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While the media’s views of glamour contrast with my views, there are a few characteristics that are shared. I believe that a person considered comely can have attractive qualities, such as pretty eyes or a nice tan, a truth that the media accepts. Ialso noticed that most pictures featured smiles. For example, both the Lee Jean advertisement on the left and the picture of Mother Teresa on the right include smiles. This shows that beauty, either inner or outer, brings a sense of happiness to people. Another similarity I found was that both featured people wearing some form of makeup. Though I do not believe it is a necessary component, makeup can enhance beauty when used in the right quality and quantity. Ironically, some makeup claims to provide a natural look. If one truly wanted “natural,”there would not be a reason to wear makeup in the first place. However, makeup can be eye-catching when used in small amounts. In other words, “Less is more.”

My views share the above mentioned similarities with the media, but I also disagree with some of theirassertions. The media prides itself on “perfect” models. Women are voluptuous and men have “six-pack abs”. Chris Christie, a potential presidential candidate in 2016, had Gastric Band surgery because advisors believed that Americans would not vote for a president weighingover 300 pounds. With the immense responsibilities of running a government, voters should care more about decreasing the deficit instead of shrinking one’s waistline.Inner beauty is more important than a slight flaw in the physical body. The media also portrays women provocatively and revealingly as a means of persuasion. Instead, I believe media could improve by featuring people seen in everyday life. The “me side” of my poster supports this fact by picturing people of multiple ethnicities. Mother Teresa does not resemble a Hollywood starlet, but most would agree that she was a beautiful person. She is a perfect example of God’s way of expressing beauty a different way in every human being He creates. In His eyes, all are beautiful.

I believe that stereotypical beauty propagated by the media increases the risk of developing eating disorders. Models are often unhealthily thin, promoting weight loss for people striving to be considered “attractive.” Many anti-aging or weight-loss products are advertised by models, causing people to use the products to reach “perfection.”These products will not produce this body image because it is unattainable to become a model. This sense of failure can lead to unhealthy emotions, such as depression and anxiety, possibly spawning an eating disorder.

Trying to look your best is a positive attribute. Being concerned about your appearance helps build character and self-confidence.However, society places stress on people by forcing the need to have perfect looks for success. Quality life is not dependent on conventional beauty. Instead, the necessities of beauty should be focused on people’s heart and mind.The media believes in a strict combination of visual traits and attributes for beauty, but beauty can be defined in an endless amount of ways. Most people do not age well. In the end, are not people remembered for their actions rather than their looks?

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