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The Beauty Of Pasikudah, in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

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The word holidays bring us joy and happiness. Every person who leads a busy life needs a great holiday to relieve from stress. There are lot of ways to enjoy holidays. Reading your favorite novels, watching your best movies or travelling around the world may be them. It’s quite true that anybody who is interested in exploring new things will definitely love travelling.

Sri Lanka is correct choice for that. This wonderful island has its own beautiful secrets hidden for travelers to explore. Pasikudah, in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka is a mind bounding place, especially for tourists. This area has a warm and sunny weather to enjoy peace. You will be able to reach this place within (4-5) hours from Colombo. A lot of exclusive things are available for nature lovers too. Pasikudah-Bay is best of all the places to have fun with calm waves of the ocean. During May- September, Pasikudah beach of Sri Lanka can justifiably lay claim to being one of the best in the entire universe. During this season, this place is exactly fabulous. The sea is calm and quite, so that the weather is fine. The falling rays of sun will provide you with best experiences ever. The supportive weather facilitates watersports. Extreme water sports guarantee to give the heart pumping experience through surfing. Waterskiing and kite boarding are also famous here. This place is very popular among tourists for clear and shallow waters.

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Coral reefs cast another major role in natural beauty of this area. Beach areas of this place are highly untouched compared to other beaches. Pasikudah has a long wide stretch bay of 2km. It is naturally protected by shore reef. Many number of tropical fish, high density of other aquatic fauna and flora are also abundant here. This beach is very much safe as it has a mass of shallow waters extending to a long distance. Pasikudah-Bay contains a fringing coral reef scattered coral groups within the bay. These are connected to some more reefs around the area. This place is proposed as a Marine Sanctuary due to this natural reef system. This beach can be named as the most sought beach in Sri Lanka. You can discover the splendors of Sri Lanka by visiting this place. You will be able to reach this paradise within 4 or 5 hours from Colombo. A travel guide will help you to find the way.

Transport services are also available more frequently. Many comfortable accommodation facilities are available for much reliable prices. Good hotel services with good food are also found here. Those who are willing to enjoy luxuries with natural beauty can stay here for many days as you wish. Many international visitors come to this place most frequently. Pasikudah is one of the top most heavenly magical marine encounters. Getting the chance to see the sunset is another rear chance that the tourists will gain. Many photographers are capable of capturing uncommon shots of valuable nature. Get ready your bags and tickets for this incredible place.


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