The Benefit of Kinesthetic Learner with Visual Learning Styles


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This information must be true and verifiable, and it doesn’t need to be totally new to your readers. It could simply be a pertinent fact that explicitly illustrates the point you wish to make. We know kinesthetic learners acquire information best when they are able to directly experience it through movement and touch. Hands-on activities like experiments, art projects, role-play and skits give them the greatest advantage. They often enjoy activities like sports, cooking, constructing projects and making crafts. Their tendency toward movement, however it sometimes problematic as they frequently struggle with sitting still and paying attention. They are often uncomfortable in classes that involve a great deal of reading and lectures that may need to take frequent breaks while studying. Based on our issue most of the engineering student in UTHM are kinesthetic learner and the main point that we want to discuss is about the benefit of kinesthetic learner who have other learning style. As we can see most of engineering student may have two or more learning styles but mostly they has two learning styles. Engineering students mostly has kinesthetic and visual learning styles, and rarely have other than that. There are three benefits engineering students can gain from both learning styles. They can use either one to learn, they are also fast learner, and they will have long term memory.

When it come to having two learning styles it show that both of the learning styles can be use but it may be not at the same time and it may be use together at the same time. Given a situation where students are tired and may be sleepy as well in a lecture held by lecturer, students can use either one of the learning styles to make them stay focus on lecture. Lets say they are major in the kinesthetic rather than visual learning style but because they are in lecture so they need to use the visual learning style instead of kinesthetic, the way to stay focus in the lecture is that they could be drawing or illustrates the point in the lecture using their creative thinking and it will also make it easier to understand. If they want to use the kinesthetic learning style it may be hard for them because in case they walked in the hall it may cause other students to feel uncomfortable and it can disturb the others to concentrate in the lecture.

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Furthermore students who have kinesthetic and visual learners are fast learner than others. They can rest assure when it come to studying. Kinesthetic learner can learn faster than other type of learning skill student its a bonus for these type of students plus when kinesthetic learners have another learning skill, they can easily understand from the received lectures. Engineering students that have kinesthetic and visual learning styles they tend to do the work or to solve the questions by imagining and then they can easily take out the ideas that they have imagined and may illustrates it on a piece of paper and it can make them learn faster because they do the work then elaborate it and they can easily settled the questions or exercises that given to them.

Meanwhile engineering student that have kinesthetic and visual learner have long term memory besides other type of learning style. It is related to point from third paragraph. Students that have learned by using kinesthetic plus visual learning styles will have long term memory, this happen because the help of visual learning styles. Normally kinesthetic learner have only short term memory but with the help of visual they can achieve the long term memory. For kinesthetic learner they can learn better through role-playing, body mapping, puzzles and use of computer technology which allows for certain movement while learning, they can transform what they have learned by doing mind mapping, story mapping, drawing can be used to enhance the learning of a doodler and this can make they have long term memory because they have learned more than once.

Overall, this can be concluded that kinesthetic learner who have other learning style as well as visual gain a lot of benefits. With having two or more learning styles they can perform in their study and maybe in their career. The benefits that they gained are they can use either kinesthetic or visual to study. They also can learned faster than other type of learning styles. They have long term memory and they can easily remembering by using kinesthetic and visual learning styles. 

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