The Benefit of Public Service Quality on Community Satisfaction and Its Impact on Community Trust

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Public service is an activity or series of activities in the framework of fulfilling service needs in accordance with statutory regulations for every citizen and resident of goods, services or administrative services provided by public service providers, namely each state, corporation, independent institution that is formed based on laws for public service activities, and other legal entities that are formed solely for public service activities. The activity is carried out by officials, employees, officers, and everyone who works in an organizing organization tasked with carrying out an action or series of public service actions.

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Public services can invest their limited resources in participation programs, but participation can develop if there is trust between government agencies as public servants and the public who receive services from the public services of government agencies. According to Siagian and Cahyono (2014) trust is a belief from one party regarding the intentions and behavior aimed at the other party, thus community trust is defined as a public expectation that service providers can be trusted or relied upon to fulfill their promises.

The principle of community satisfaction in the service process by the government as a service provider is very important because only by satisfying the needs of the community satisfactorily, the existence of that government is recognized and has the legitimacy and trust of its people (Napitupulu, 2012). Public satisfaction is a major factor that must be considered by providers of public service institutions, because public satisfaction will determine the success of the government in organizing public service institutions.

Medan District Court is a public service institution located in the capital city of Sumatera Utara Province, Medan. Medan District Court is a former landraad building which was built during the Dutch East Indies era around 1911. Medan District Court is located on a land area of 5,336 M2 with a building area of 3379 M2. Medan District Court Office building is now one of the cultural preservation determined by the Medan City Government in which the building may not be physically changed.

Medan District Court since around April 2018 has started to apply the one stop integrated services standard, hereinafter referred to as PTSP in accordance with the Decree of the Director General of the General Judicial Agency Number 77/DJU/SK/HM02.3/2/2018 regarding PTSP in the High Court and District Court. The PTSP system is carried out in order to be able to provide quality public services that are integrated in a single process starting from the initial stage to the completion stage of court service products through one door. PTSP is always carried out with the basic principles of integration, effective, efficient, economical, coordination, accountability, and improving the quality of public services.

Based on the data, there are 4 indicators of corruption perception, namely data manipulation, transaction costs, additional costs and payment transparency, which shows that the community assesses indications of corruption in Medan District Court. Payment transparency is the lowest index level which states that Medan District Court is less open to payment systems that must be paid in every case related payment. The community considered that the Medan District Court did not explain in detail the costs incurred by the community regarding the cases that had been registered and this caused a lack of public confidence in the quality of services contained in the Medan District Court.

The quality of public services in the Medan District Court has not been said to be good. The need to improve the quality of services in the Medan District Court so that people who register cases feel satisfied and believe in the quality of the Medan District Court service. Medan District Court is required to be able to carry out its duties in accordance with statutory provisions and standard operating procedures as well as having professional ethics in providing excellent service to the community. In addition, the mental attitude and work discipline of each judicial institution must continue to be fostered and maintained so that the service products are always in accordance with the professional standards of giving satisfaction and public trust.

The term service comes from the word ‘service’ which means to help provide everything that is needed by others for the act of serving. Basically every human being needs service, even in the extreme it can be said that service cannot be separated from human life (Sinambela, 2010). Meanwhile, the term public comes from English, namely public, which means general, community or country. The word public has actually been accepted into standard Indonesian to be public which means general, multitude or crowded.

The definition of quality is said by Daviddow and Uttal in Hardiyansyah (2011) which is any effort that is used to enhance customer satisfaction that is used to enhance customer satisfaction. Grothesh and Davis in Sedarmayanti (2009) suggested that quality is a dynamic condition that meets or exceeds expectations.

Public satisfaction of institutions or public service institutions is very important because of the relationship of public trust. According to Pasolong (2010) the better governance and quality of services provided, the higher the public trust. Community trust will be higher if the community gets good service and feels satisfied with the service. The word satisfaction according to Chandra (2005) comes from the Latin ‘satis’ which means good enough, adequate and ‘factio’ which means to do or make. Satisfaction can be an effort to fulfill something or make something adequate. Satisfaction is a feeling of pleasure or disappointment from a person or society that arises after comparing the product performance thought to the expected performance or results.

According to Kotler and Keller (2012) trust depends on several factors between the community and public service agencies such as competence, integrity, honesty and kindness. Building trust can be difficult in a judicial institution, in this case trust in matters of justice both in terms of service and in the case determination. Justice seekers will not always get the services of the desired quality and the right court decisions at the right time.

According to Mowen and Hansen (2005) consumer trust implies that all knowledge possessed by consumers and all conclusions made by consumers regarding objects, attributes and benefits. According to Siagian and Cahyono (2014) trust is a belief from one party regarding the intentions and behavior aimed at the other party, thus community trust is defined as a public expectation that public service providers can be trusted or relied upon to fulfill their promises.

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