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The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Practice of Surrogacy

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Several couples around the globe get married for various reasons. As a result, individuals have had a debate on whether surrogacy is morally viable or wrong. Its proponents postulate that as a practice, it offers infertile couples a distinct chance to raise a child having their genes. For this reason, surrogacy is seen as a win-win situation. However, its opponents believe that putting a price tag on a human being’s womb is distasteful and unnatural (Bailey, 715). Essentially, they argue that surrogacy simply adds monetary value to the life of a fetus, and in doing so, it is abhorrent. Although different individuals possess varying opinions about this subject, a growing number of women choose to engage in this practice and are willing to engage in the process of being a surrogate mother. Although studies have confirmed that surrogacy is one of the effective methods of conception, an individual must be conversant with the dangers and risks involved during the process (Twine,7).

Another argument against surrogacy is the health risks involved. Apparently, this is one area that requires research, and any willing surrogates need to be clearly notified of the risks involved before partaking it as it requires lots of courage. As far as current information is concerned, the health risks involved are low and manageable (Rudrappa, 5). The type of surrogacy determines the level and the number of risks involved. For instance, partial surrogacy possesses its own risks where full surrogacy also has its own (Bailey, 715). All individuals that are willing to undergo surrogacy need to go through screening to ensure that they do not have any complications or transfer diseases such as HIV or hepatitis and make sure they are healthy and free of any complications as such things can harmfull for surrogacy. Besides, any surrogate mother will also need to go through fertility treatment. At this age, risks involved include reactions to drugs and those associated with pregnancy. Besides, the children born as a result of surrogacy may also have some health complications (Norton, 493). Above all, surrogates receive exemplary HealthCare since it is in the interest of the clinic involved to see to it that they are well taken care of, which in the end, enhances its reputation as a facility. There are some instances where, indeed, the health of the surrogate is impacted negatively, but this is an exception and should not be used as the rule of demeaning surrogacy (Caldwell, 847).

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Even though there has been an increasing number of moral questions regarding surrogacy, the international surrogacy industry should be acknowledged for its increasing positive impact on the lives of individuals around the globe (Bailey, 718). Not only does it ensure the miracle of life, but it also helps to improve the standards of living of individuals living in impoverished areas. Besides, individuals involved in this process participate freely. Rather than oppressing the rights of women, it is imperative to note that surrogacy offers them an opportunity to either take or leave (Norton, 494). For this reason, the opponents of surrogacy deny participants their right to self-determination and of making their own choices. Some of them even argue that surrogates in impoverished areas, many of who are illiterate, are not in a position to provide their informed consent since they are not aware of what is expected of them. Yet, this belief is a pure fallacy (Bailey, 720). Just because an individual is illiterate does not imply that they are incapable of making their own decisions or having rational thoughts. In fact, most surrogacy clinics around the globe need all surrogates to have had children of their own already so as to ensure that they are ready and aware of the stress, toil, and hardship that comes with pregnancy.

There are several reasons why individuals might resort to surrogacy. First, the issue of same-sex couples, especially men. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) families can sometimes use-donated eggs and a surrogate mother to complete their family. Apparently, this practice is slowly increasing its reputation among the members of the public, and it has received validation from the medical community as well (Norton, 493). Second, age also plays an instrumental role in surrogacy. Several clinics have slammed an age limit on gestational carriers or when choosing surrogates. A surrogate mother for most clinics should be between ages 21 and 39 (Söderström-Anttila et al., 260). Third, surrogacy also depends on personal decisions where everyone possesses their right to create families in a manner that supports their personal choices. In other words, for some women, surrogacy may not be a medical choice due to any conditions or history that might appose danger to the induviduals health in the process (Norton, 493). Some of them prefer it because it is a social option. Finally, a lack of uterus may make a woman in marriage wishing to have a baby to resort to surrogacy. The removal of the uterus because of a medical condition may make it difficult for any woman to conceive. There are many other reasons for choosing to have a child through surrogacy, but the above-mentioned reasons represent a growing number of couples around the globe.

In conclusion, surrogacy can be an exemplary and fulfilling feeling both for gestational carriers and intended parents. Yet, it also needs a significant commitment from both individuals involved. Even though there are high risks involved in surrogacy, for hopeful parents, it gives them a way to ensure that their dream of parenthood becomes a reality. It helps them to complete their families, especially LGBT couples, parents struggling with infertility, and those diagnosed with medical conditions that make pregnancy unsafe for them. For this reason, it is imperative to seek an informed consent of the surrogate and notify them of all the risks involved before resorting to this process. Above all, it offers the world a chance to self-determine and has played a crucial role in creating relationships among different families.


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