The Benefits of Birth Control


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One of many wrangling decisions now a days is whether to provide birth control or let nature take its course. Studies show that “18 precent of teenage girls (age 13-18), or almost 1 in 5, are on birth control” (Kramer). There are many methods to prevent pregnancy. For example, abstinence being number one along with being the healthiest. The first form of birth control became available in the 1960’s. Since the contraceptive pill became present, methods have advanced and increased into more convenient ways for people to control pregnancy. Now, birth control doesn’t just regulate birth prevention, it regulates hormones throughout the body. For a handful of years years, birth control has been a sensitive topic, many believe that sex is supposed to be restrained until marriage but according to research; “By age 44, 99% of respondents have had sex, and 95% had done so before marriage” (Wind), and in similar terms, “One out of every three teen girls will become pregnent at least once before the age of 20′ ( Many forms of birth control were invented for this exact dilemma and contraceptives make the best option for several reasons.

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Condoms and Decrease in Teenage Sexual Activity

Once the age of 16 is reached, this becomes the time where they are faced with relationships that may start their physical connections and along with that, “Age 16 tends to be the common age to start birth control” (Kramer). High school students are likely to have their first boyfriend within the four years they’re their; with peer pressure surrounding them there’s no guarantee a teenager will restrain from sex and the chances they won’t run into that is very low. It is true that teenagers need to be protected from pregnancy the most and with that said, “62 percent of sexually active male high school students reported that they or their partner used a condom at their most recent sexual intercourse” (

That could mean 38% of teens aren’t using a form of birth control or they are enduring other methods. Some people may think any form of birth control besides abstinence is expensive but a very common method are condoms. Condoms are inexpensive and are easy to access in almost every store. Meanwhile, Birth rates have dropped and that’s not because of a decrease in teenage sexual activity; it seems to be that more teens are getting a handle on condoms and contraceptives. Teen pregnancy was at an all time high before medicine got involved, and the Office of Adolescent Health notes that,”Since 1991, the rates of teen pregnancy have dropped by half. In 2013, the CDC reported that birth rates for U.S. teens 15-19 years old dropped to a record low not seen since 1946″ ( When birth control became available a decrease in teen pregnancy was greatly reduced. By 1991 several options of birth control were available and became beneficial to teens and women to ensure that they’re protected and not at risk of beginning pregnancy for several reasons.

Physical Benefits

Many think there is one reason for deciding to be on birth control. It’s obvious the first reason people would infer, but birth control includes way more than that. The contraceptive pill regulates menstrual cycles as well as banishing hormonal acne. It’s no secret that menstrual cycles tag along with painful cramps and by reducing ovulation, that comes with the decrease of pain that accompanies with the cycle and in addition, Healthline for acne included “The hormones in combination birth control pills can help reduce acne. The pills decrease the circulation of androgens, which decreases the production of sebum.

The pills must contain both estrogen and progestin to be effective against acne” ( This comes to show that birth control isn’t just a free card for people to have sex, it’s a benefit to the body and reduces woman from buying methods to get rid of acne that end up not working due to their hormones.With that said, their are women who only use the contraceptive pill for everything besides pregnancy prevention. While the majority of women use birth control for birth regulation, “14% of pill users take it only for other reasons” (SITE). Any woman could go to the dermatologist and get one single pill that controls their hormonal acne but birth control pill has several all in one. Lastly, there are 6 types of birth control for your specific needs. Their is the combination pill, the mini pill, extended cycle pill, low dose pills and monophasic pills. All can include different purposes to give people them an option to what they prefer.

Having a Choice

Last but not least, women after giving birth start up on birth control as well. Women after childbirth want time to recover after the birth of their child. Not only do they need time but their bodies need time to recover. Unplanned pregnancy leaves a woman with limited time to recover from her most recent childbirth. This could end up with many complications for her and the baby including anemia as one. This could lead to emotional issues due to the amount of stress of another baby on the way which affects them both as well. “many are driven to seek cheap and dangerous abortions” (SITE). Women are so desperate to solve the problem with an aborition they will do it at any cost. This is exactly why birth control gives women with the option and allows them to make choices for when their ready next.

The Arguments Against

On the other side of the spectrum,opponents would argue that birth control interferes with nature and messes with conception for later on in life. However, people agree this conflicts with God’s creation. This argument should not be welcomed since we are in a different era where we cant have kids at 20 or younger. Having kids after high school is not accepted anymore, tats not the american way asn teens who become pregnant are a disgrace in people’s eyes. Another counter argument is that birth control leads health risks and weight gain. However “birth control such as condoms do not play any risks” (SITE). This Is true because they protect you without adjusting your body and messing with your hormones. Furthering birth control methods have been improved to prevent effects. Hence, this birth control stands beneficial for human kind.”47% do not approve of birth control” (SITE); and this has a lot to do with religion and morals.


Birth control is effective in many ways, although there are groups and people who would rather have nature take its course, this contraceptive benefits millions of teens all over the world. Researchers/scientists are starting to make every method more affordable for underage teenagers to get a handle on any option to protect themselves from reproduction. The pill is one of the most effective reversible methods and all of the methods are 99% effective when used.

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