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The Benefits of Having a Dog

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Roger Caras, photographer and writer, once said “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” This is something that everyone should come in realization with. Dogs are the most valuable kind of pet out there and they come with some amazing characteristics. Important characteristics that dogs illustrate are unconditional love, the happy energetic energy they always have and they will never leave you lonely. Everyone should have the honor of owning a dog at some point in their life. Some may argue that dogs can be more of a burden than a blessing but everyone at some point in their life should own a dog because they provide security, act as a best friend and teach responsibility.

Buying a dog with a shallow wallet may not get you too far and can soon become an issue. Dogs are certainly not cheap and they come with a lot of necessities. Not only will the owner be purchasing a dog but they are going to need to purchase a leash, dog food and many more accessories and needs. Dogs, who are very cute (adj clause), are also very spendy and can be a hassle. (Compound sentence) Dogs can be very disobedient at times if not trained properly as a puppy. Lots of training and work will have to go into making sure the owner doesn’t end up with a knotty situation to where their dog doesn’t properly behave. After reading this you may want to suddenly abhor the idea of owning a dog. But, people should not let the negatives hamper their decision on buying a dog.

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As much as the bark of a dog can be annoying, it can also be something that one learns to value. ( infinitive DO) Not only do dogs bark at things that are as silly as a shadow of a tree outside but they can alert the owner if someone is trying to break in. A dog’s bark serves as great protection and security. Dogs have every good instinct and can tell when people are in danger. There have been many incidents across the world reported about dogs saving the lives of people. In fact, someone from Winona Senior High School had their house burst into flames and before it got to their bedrooms their dog woke them just by barking; without the helpful bark of his dog, not only his life but his family would have been in great danger. (Compound complex) Imagine the horrendous situation to which someone’s house was being broken into the middle of the night while everyone was asleep. How would they ever know? A recent study, published in 2010 in Current Biology, ( prep adj) suggests that about three of every seven people are heavy sleepers. It is scary to think that this could happen all while someone is asleep. (Noun clause) Dogs are also there to protect and alert their owner if there is a threat in their home. People do not realize dogs have that special quality of protection and security about them that make them something that in some cases can be a necessity.

When people think of the qualities they want to have in a best friend, ( adv clause) what do they think of? Someone they can hang out with twenty-four-seven? Someone they can go for car rides to just the most random destinations with? Or maybe it is someone who is always there for them, someone who would never let them down. It is clear to see that whatever qualities someone may choose to desire in a friend they can also find in a dog. Dogs may not be able to talk, but they can act just as a real friend. Dogs display emotion; they know when people are feeling low or are having a good day. Dogs are always around to hangout when no one else is available. (infinitive adv) Growing up Allison Smith, an only child, always found it reassuring to know she always had a dog by her side. (complex sentence) Allison never had to worry about feeling alone because in the end she always had her dog to entertain her. Dogs are easy entertainment; owners can do things with their dog like go for a run, walk or maybe even play Frisbee. A lot of people do not realize how good of companions dogs can actually be until they actually own one. ( prep adv) Sometimes a house may even feel empty until a dog is brought home, owning a dog is a very simple fix.

Just like having a baby, dogs come with a lot of maintenance. Dogs are not always going to be all fun and games; they are a lot of work, but one will find the work well worth it. Owning a dog teaches responsibility and enhances the owners maturity level because when finding a dream dog he or she will need to be fed and let outside to go to the bathroom multiple times every day. Dogs, especially puppies, love to be played with but no matter the kind or type dog the pet owner will get, they will want to be loved and need to be well taken care of. For some dogs that can be a lot of work and responsibility. When owning that special dog one must always keep up with the responsibilities, to have a well trained pet, (infinitive app) along the way.

There are more positives to owning a dog than negatives. For some, having a dog, to call their own, ( infinitive adj) could be something to truly consider. But after that final decision is made, it will be clear to see that they who own a dog are the happiest kind of people. Not only do dogs provide security and are there to protect but it is impossible to feel lonely when owning a dog. Dogs act as a best friend and will always be by their owner’s side no matter what the situation may be. Lastly, dogs teach responsibility. Responsibility can be great for anyone to learn at any age! These are some amazing characteristics that come with owning a dog. They are things that everyone looking to buy a dog should keep in mind when giving the breeder remuneration for their beautiful new best friend. As anyone can see now, choice is now very clear.


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