The Benefits of Having a Job at a Young Age

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  • Introduction
  • The Benefits of Teens Working at a Young Age
  • Maintaining Balance of Work and School at a Young Age
  • Skills and Lessons Learned Working at a Young Age
  • Conclusion


The narrator have had her first job at little bookstore at age fourteen. She worked almost two shifts a week, which she generally spent reading the newest book behind the counter. At age fifteen, she started waiting tables at a 100-year-old diner where all the customers were older and taught her so much. She then says that she works part time during the school year and full time during the summer. Stating that it might sound awful, however it is truly a blessing. Working at a young age is very common nowadays. Although it is extremely beneficial in many different ways, some people believe that education should be their main concern and that work causes interruption for teenagers and affect their academic performance negatively.

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The Benefits of Teens Working at a Young Age

However, many others believe in the importance and the significant of jobs on teens. They also believe that encouraging teens to work at an early age prepares them for the real world and its responsibilities, not only this, but it is also in how helpful it is in making them understand the real value of life. Moreover, work is part of all people's life in order to enjoy the delicious taste of live and support themselves. Similar to adults, teenagers also need to work to enjoy their lives, or even help to support their families. Not only this, but also working at a young age teaches balance and independence, provides a constructive use for free time, and gives personal experience and confidence. As stated in the article and from my experience, working at a young age is a privilege. It gives teens the ability to talk to adults, teaches them responsibility, and helps them gain personal experience and confidence. It also teaches them balance, which includes planning and time management skills such as the ability to prioritize your responsibilities and organize the time spent on activities in a day.

Maintaining Balance of Work and School at a Young Age

As a student, this is learnt through having to balance between work and school or college. During my senior year, my business teacher has always told me that I would either have my own business or else I will never succeed in a job. This was because she saw me as my father's pampered little girl since I am the only girl and the youngest among my siblings. I have always failed in making her think otherwise. I also never knew that experiencing failure, which is completely normal, might sometimes be the beginning of true success and that it encourages a person to be more responsible and try to do his best. I was extremely bothered the fact that she is underestimating me, and here is where took my first push. To elaborate, I have took the step and worked as a customer service agent during my senior year; which not only made me learn the extreme importance of time management, but also the importance of balance in all life situations, such as the balance between the social life, school life, and working life.

Skills and Lessons Learned Working at a Young Age

For me, this was one of the best things that I have ever experienced. It all started when I got accepted in the interview, this acceptance made me feel victorious. It made me become extremely confident and made me believe in myself. I am so thankful for being lucky to have the chance of experiencing work at a young age. This experience has literally taught me a lot. Most importantly, it made me believe in myself, and then comes second the joy I felt when I first proved to myself and then to my business teacher that I am actually capable of doing anything and that I can never be underestimated. As well as I noticed that I have become much more sociable, brave, wise, and responsible, also all my family members have noticed a dramatic change in my personality and how I started handling things differently. This made me so proud of myself and of whom I have become.

The world has taught me that work provides a constructive use for free time which helps develop teamwork skills that benefits individuals to build on their talents, allows them to take more risks, and to gain communication skills, which is the core of every organization. Mainly, everything we do in life is a result of communication. It plays an important role in our life as it helps people to expand relationships with others. It is also the most required after the quality of a well educated person. Therefore, working at a young age offers more work opportunities in the future. In my opinion, most people actually know the worth of getting a job at an early age. It is worldwide, also many famous celebrities such as Beyonce, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Aniston, have actually had a job during their teenage years or maybe younger.

Moreover, all my friends who traveled to study abroad have part time jobs at places like McDonalds, Starbucks, Baskin Robbins, and Dunkin Doughnut. This helps teens begin associations with adult employers that can give them recommendations offer future job opportunities. However, not everyone has the ability to practice independence, work shows teens how skilled they are, which helps them feel more independent, responsible, and successful. Moreover, independence doesn't only increase one's confidence; it also makes decision making an easy task for them. Nevertheless, the increased self worth that comes with this independence is a great booster to one's self esteem and personal success. In conclusion, there is nothing as sweet as the taste of success.


Definitely everyone wants to feel good and satisfied about himself. And that is what working at a young age provides. It teaches teens balance and time management in all life situations, provides a constructive use for free time, and gives them personal experience and confidence. Nevertheless, teens will also gain communication skills and develop working skills. This will leave a very significant impact on their lives. They will learn the real value of life and will gain many beneficial factors such as being prepared for the future and its huge responsibilities. Therefore, the importance of work for teenagers can never be underestimated.

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