The Benefits of Online English Education Over Traditional Education

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In regard to the Halton Board of Education, I recommend that grade eleven students take online english in their final year. In my verbal presentation, I discuss the benefits of online learning, which are convenience and flexibility. Through taking english online, students can plan study time around the rest of their day and complete their work from the comfort of their own home. This can promote more productivity because they are not required to attend school in the morning but simply login to their online course and begin course work right away. Online learning can also give students full control over their learning. For instance, since most of the course work is already posted, they can decide to spend more time digesting areas of the course they feel more time needs to be dedicated to or move quickly through areas they feel more comfortable with. In addition, students can choose a learning environment that works best for their education and where they are the most productive such as the library, their home, student success room, etc.

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Students can also be more flexible and choose to work during a time of day that is the most effective for them. Some students may work better in the evening but traditional education can restrict them as classes are only offered during the day. Working at a time when you are the most productive/energetic can ultimately lead to more retaining of information and better results in the class. Students also have the advantage of learning at their own pace, which can help to reduce a lot of pressure.

Teachers in a traditional classroom can sometimes speed through concepts but the flexibility of online learning allows students to fully understand concepts before moving on. Also, students who are organized can be successful in an online environment, which is covered in my visual presentation. Jotting down your general weekly schedule and creating a routine can prevent falling behind and staying on task. Including reminders for yourself like when homework will be done and reviewing of certain concepts in the course can help promote success in an online environment. This can be done through adding reminders on the online calendar in the course or using a planner/agenda. Finally, students who have a self motivation strategy or are able to self motivate themselves will benefit from taking english online. This is mentioned in my visual takeaway and in my verbal presentation. I discussed how important being a proactive learner and highly motivated is to succeed. In an online course, participation and completion of work is up to each student, unlike in a class environment, where students can be prompted or have check ins with teachers. Online learning requires self-determination/reliance and responsibility. Finding a strategy that motivates students to stay on top of the course can help. For example, deciding to complete all assignments two days before the due date, studying for tests/assessments at least one week before hand or maintaining a certain average in the course.

Overall, I believe that online learning has it’s advantages and every student has a different learning style, to which online learning can cater to or support. By providing students with the freedom to teach themselves and experiment with many different learning methods, the student not only becomes more responsible for the way that they are intaking information but also helps to shift responsibility unto them. When students feel more accountable for their learning, they are more likely to be committed and in consequence work harder to achieve success.

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