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If you want to travel Kauai and grasp all the adventures there, plan the trip by either between April to June month or post pone it by September or November month. These are the months when your can excitements and happiness will be multiplied a thousand times. Many people have suggested to me to travel to Kauai at least once in life, so I started searching for the adventures there on Google. Yes! Here my trip preparations start. The more I searched, the more I got the excitement. We packed the bags for our deliberated destination. As we are a gang of friends so we are more enthusiastic towards the trip. We landed there and the adventure begins. Now let’s discuss what we saw there. There are really a number of eye pleasing views and activities but I’m just briefing here a few only just to motivate to visit there, ruin your adventure while reading those. There are three ways for exploring the activities in Kauai, those are land, water or air activities. So, those few are here to brighten your mood and plan your trip either with family or with friends – The Land Adventures:

  • The Luaus
  • One of the most fantastic attractions of the place is the traditional luaus. Here, when you come for your feast, you can enjoy hula dancers; impressive fire displays, and sees history brought to life through storytelling.

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  • Horse Riding
  • Enjoy a peaceful ride with Hawaiian cowboy, our paniolo, as you take in the wonderful panoramic views of those ranches and ride towards; you enjoy a picnic lunch and some cascading waterfalls with a horseback riding adventure on Kauai.

  • Botanical Garden
  • The enjoyment of botanical garden here is extraordinary beautiful, which can hardly discussed through words. There are mainly three gardens to enjoy your trip, those are – McBryde Garden, Allerton Garden and Limahuli Garden.The Water Escapade:

  • Mountain Tubing
  • This activity is geared for people of each and every fitness levels, ages five and over. Bring the whole family along. It takes you back in the time to the sugar plantation era.

  • Fishing

    The fishing activity here, serves something different as it is Hawaiin style fishing.

This Kauai fishing tour is the recommendation for die hard fishermen, or for families who don’t mind the ocean spray on their face and fish smell.

The Air Capers:By helicopter, you can see all of the sights of Kauai from a very different view. Going up in the helicopter you feel yourself elevating. The views from the top are the much fascinating, really. Concluding the whole, whatever I have mentioned above are just a snapshot of my trip. Otherwise, to crimp my awesome trip to ‘Kauai’ in just a page with few combinations of words is just impossible. The best suggestion from my side will be, pack your camera for the trip, it’s much essential. Capture the moments when you visit, so that you can rewind the memories to rejuvenate your mood!


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