The Best Villain: Angel Eyes from the Good,

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The Villain that I like is Angel Eyes from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Angel Eyes was a fugitive hunter and was the main nemesis. He started off by questioning a soldier about the gold and where it went. He then killed the soldier and his son. Than he went off to go find Bill Carson. A character named tuco decided to answer and said that he was Bill Carson and that’s when Angel Eyes started to beat him and torture him demanding for him to tell him where the gold is at. 

He tells him its at the graveyard but doesn’t know the name and that only blondie knew what name it is. He talks to Blondie and tells him he will split it Fifty-Fifty with him if he tells him which one it is. Angel Eyes is a good villain because he shows no remorse he killed his employer even though he got paid by him he was amused by his death and even laughed at his death. When you think that your save and that you have formed an alliance with angel eyes you can never be sure he always back stabs people when you feel the savest with him. 

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Even though he said that he was going to split the money Fifty-fifty with blondie after he found out that they sent tuco to get executed he sent men to kill blondie. Angel eyes is a villain that has no feelings for others when he became sergeant he showed no mercy for the prisoners when he put them through his maltreatment and trying to get more information out from them. Angel eyes prodigy in making others believe what he says is true. When he told them that he was going to split the gold fifty-fifty he had no intent in sharing the gold at all but he convinced them that he would of. 

Another reason Angel Eyes is a great villain is he does not care about no one’s life except his, and he just cares about getting his hands on the gold before the others do. This villain stayed with me because he is a amazing villain and if it was not for him the movie would have been for him the movie would have not been able to be made. He is a great actor and the way he acted just made the movie ten times better. Angel Eyes had a scene where he went inside a house to visit baker and he covered his head with a pillow and shot him four times. 

Also in another sense he was acting like he was friends with a character and they all got along until he said “when I get paid I always see the job through” and than shot and killed the man. This is why i believe that Angle Eyes is the best villain of all times, he is ruthless, does not care about other people, and all around he is a wolf covered in sheep wool.  

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