The Best Way to Learn New Things as a Child

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Childhood represents the most important stage of people, when we are children every day we have a new adventure, we begin to discover new things that we had never seen, every new experience in magic, we see new things like animals, objects; we know new words, people, we create knowledge; We know the world around us.

The game generates emotions, develops cognitive skills and creates social relationships, the child demonstrates his fantasies, desires and experiences while playing. It is easier to learn new things if done by playing. Through the game we can always develop and train different skills; such as creativity, concentration, coordination, general knowledge, and imagination.

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Children manipulate their reality, through the game all children have the possibility to use the imagination and thus be able to create new endings to their stories, new challenges, new adventures; Children use the game to copy the reality in which they live and turn it into games. Children in their first years of life imitate what the people around them do, through play they represent the activities they see every day that other people do. If the children feel sad, scared or angry about a situation they can represent it in the game as a challenge, if they do something that makes them happy and they are fun things, the children repeat in games that repeatedly.

From newborns, children begin to play with their body, moving their fingers, touching their body, moving their legs and arms. Also with stuffed animals and any object that is in front of them; that is to say that using the senses they begin to play. They learn new things when they touch objects, moving, savoring, listening, watching and smelling.

The mother and the father teach children to play by touching their body, by playing search and find, by blowing the maracas. The children do activities together with the parents and this creates a strong bond between them. When children grow up and challenges become more difficult, children begin to identify the good things from the bad, the things they can do and the things that it should not be done. Kids learn that there are rules and norms that they must to follow.

All the transitions in the stage of childhood are very important since they are experiences never before lived, that is why every change in the stage of a child must be given emotional support so that it is not a very difficult change for them, The game, far from being mere entertainment, constitutes a basic element for the life of a boy or a girl. Our children need to be active and attentive to grow and develop their abilities, and the game is the most basic and fun element that will allow them to explore, create, interact, communicate, think, know the rules and the importance of complying with them.

The game becomes part of the children's education, they will pay more attention to the things they like, if they are fun they can learn faster and in the future they will repeat the activities for pleasure instead of having to do them for obligation.

When a child plays, he seems to be in a state of total freedom, in which he connects with everything around him and becomes completely involved in what he is doing. His mind flies and starts playing with whatever he wants, however he wants. A broom can be a horse, a sword and infinite other things, depending on what comes to mind, depending on what is born. The importance of spreading the benefits of playing in the child's life is that it allows them to express themselves and develop their creativity freely.

Thus, through play, children can recreate spaces, situations and characters that only exist in their inner world. Maybe this has to do with the satisfaction that children seem to experience while playing. The game becomes, then, an activity that takes on an importance beyond the distraction or fun that the child experiences, becomes a moment in which he can express himself and play with his deepest feelings, translating them into objects and The situation of the game itself.

At the school stage, learning healthy competition and sharing roles with the peer group is essential, as well as adapting to it. It is very important that children learn to play board games, skills and puzzles, especially by sharing this game with the family, given that knowledge of rules sets the limits of what is allow and what is not known. You must do, in addition to the value of feeling included, accepted and loved at home.

The child who plays is learnings; His world is changing and it is mixing fantasy and reality. The child who plays well, calmly, with imagination, demonstrates mental health. Parents should observe their children's play and learn and detect when the child wishes to invite them to their game and in which others they must respect their space. However, when parents play and use their fantasy and imagination, they become a source of inspiration and creativity for the children, transmitting them, therefore, the importance of the bond and these spaces of relationship so intimate and so necessary for the emotional development of the little one.

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