The Biased Electoral College Should Be Abolished

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American politician and former U.S. Naval Reserve officer Pete Buttigieg state, “The Electoral College needs to go because it’s made our society less and less democratic.” The Electoral College is America’s voting system created by the Found Fathers. This system is a form of indirect democracy where votes are cast by representatives. States are given Electoral votes by adding the number of senators and house of representatives. There are a total of 538 electoral votes and the candidate that reaches 270 electoral votes is the winner. However, as time passes, many citizens are opposing the Electoral College, stating that the system is unfair and inaccurate. While the Electoral College may benefit the less populated, smaller states, it should be abolished because certain states and electors are given too much power.

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First of all, the Electoral College gives too much power to specific states. Citizens that do not live in the following states, “Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc. probably won’t see as many ads, have as many canvassers come to your door or get polled as frequently” (Doc I). Swing states are given the majority of the attention, and candidates put larger amounts of money, and time to campaign in those states. On the other hand, safe state citizens become insignificant, because the possibility to win a swing state is higher than a safe state since swing states do not consistently support one political party. Candidates focusing only on one swing state citizens limits the view and voices of safe state citizens. This shows that the Electoral College is unfair because the candidates’ attention is solely centered on swing states when campaigning in all states is highly recommended. Winning swing states may be a tactic to a candidate, however, the citizens living in safe states should be offered the same privileges as swing-state residents. Secondly, the number of electoral votes smaller states are given is immense for their population. 12 small states plus Washington D.C.’s combined population is 12,500,722, where is Illinois’ total population is 12,830,632. All of these 12 states plus Washington D.C. receive 44 electoral votes, while Illinois with only 20 electoral votes. Although the smaller populated states are given a voice, which allows might seem like a better balance between larger and urban states, the distribution of electoral votes should completely be based on population. In this case, Illinois has a greater population which means that more electoral votes should be given to Illinois instead of the small states. However, the Electoral College only concentrates on making smaller states matter, which prevents votes from being placed fairly. Thus, the uneven power and misplace of votes truly show how the Electoral College is unfair.  

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