The Big Mistakes of Novice Drivers

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After passing the written exam and the practical test to obtain the longed for card, the novices are still very far from being an experienced driver, since it is necessary to gain experience at the wheel, which requires a large dose of patience, hours of practice and time. At the moment of facing the real driving, a period of adaptation begins, where errors are commonplace and the successes shine by their absence. driver-errors-novel-man-on-steering To help you overcome this phase of “novice driver” as quickly as possible and acquire more and more safety at the wheel, we recommend you take note of the following errors of novice drivers , which of course you should avoid. What are the big mistakes of novice drivers?

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Bad choice of the new vehicle

The first car of many novice drivers is usually borrowed by the father, the mother or some other relative. Another very common option is to buy an old second-hand car with which to tandar the steering wheel and to be able to “mistreat” without danger. However, buying a new car and putting it in the hands of a new driver is not a good idea in principle. And not only because surely we are going to end up with a dent or a rayon after some clumsy maneuver typical of an inexperienced driver, but because with the driver’s license we have just taken off we sometimes get carried away by the illusion and end up buying a new car: not the one that suits us best, but the one that seduces us aesthetically, without paying due attention to other aspects such as security, guarantee or efficiency.

Unaware of the characteristics of the vehicle

Accustomed to the car with which the practices are carried out, it is quite frequent for the beginning driver to find himself a bit lost before the control panel of his car in real life, especially if it is the first time. Logically, it is essential that any driver knows what each one of the light indicators means: oil, engine problem, hand brake applied, etc. In the same way, among the errors of novice drivers is that of not having clear the dimensions of the vehicle they drive. That is especially problematic when parking in narrow places and can be the cause of some other hit or scratch on the body paint.

Driving recklessly in rainy conditions

During the learning period, special emphasis is placed on security issues. One of them is the risk of driving in rainy conditions and the dreaded aquaplaning, a phenomenon that occurs when tires lose their ability to evacuate water and lose contact with the asphalt, with which the driver loses control of the car. Novice drivers, especially those who think that despite wearing “L” on the windshield believe they already know everything, tend to underestimate the danger of rolling on a wet road, which can be cause accidents and unpleasant situations .

Not keeping the right distances

It is a classic among the errors of novice drivers. The concept of “safety distance” does not seem to be very clear among those who proudly release their driver’s license. Unfortunately, almost everyone ends up learning the lesson after getting scared. Keeping the right distance with the car that precedes us is always important, but if we drive on a highway or highway at certain speeds, it becomes a vital issue, since an unexpected braking can be fatal. It is especially important to respect the distances with cyclists on the road.

Forget about vehicle maintenance

Although it is not an exclusive error of novice drivers (there are many people driving there for many years who also falls into it), it is quite common for novices to forget that, to function, a car needs minimal maintenance: changes of oil, tire wear … There are even extreme cases of people who forget to refuel. And it is good to remember that while a car is a wonderful machine, it does not work by magic. If we want it to last for many years and its performance is optimal, we must take care of it.

Excess or lack of confidence

As always, virtue is at an undetermined point between scarcity and excess. The world of driving is no exception. The excess of confidence or extreme insecurity behind the wheel are among the most frequent errors of novice drivers. An overconfident driver will inevitably fall into distractions and risky behaviors. Talking on the phone, not paying attention to traffic or stepping on the accelerator are behaviors that can lead to accidents. On the other hand, too much precaution can be bad, if this excess psychologically blocks the driver. It is the case of fearful drivers, who drive in a state of permanent nerves, do not flow with traffic, brake continuously and remain installed in doubt.

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