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The bioecological Model

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The bioecological model helps us understand the working families across the world within multiple contexts that interact and intertwine. The nervous system, hormones and other biological components in the human body, are not the only responsible of how we behave. Also, the environment that we live in influences it, and as a result, it impacts the family functioning. Every human consists of a microsystem, mesosystem, macro system, exosystem, and chronosystem, which are explained in question 1. Because every person is different across the globe, their family and the ecological system will be different too. There can’t be a universal family structure that fits everyone’s needs, so that’s why we have different bioecological systems for each family out there.

Family Structure Versus Process

A family cannot be understood only by its structure based on the Standard North American Family (SNAF). Which considers the American family to be a heterosexual couple where the men work and the women take care of the children at home. In the actual times, we know that it is no longer that way and that now we have homosexual couples, violence in families, or somehow dysfunctional. The only true way to understand a family is by looking how it is functional between the diversity that exists. By moving away from the structure, the processes are taking into account in order to know the dynamics, the patterns, communication, coping and conflict resolution inside the families.

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A Strengths-Based Approach

Families have evolved since it was ever recorded in history. Although they have changed, they are some characteristics that still remain in all families no matter their background. These trends are called strength based, which is the potential of a family to seek a healthy relationship. Any type of family can have strengths no matter how diverse it is or how many disadvantages it might have. Focusing on the positive aspects of a family, its where we can see the things that have in common. Every family has a strong emotional attachment, sense of responsibility and caring, and a desire for children (if any) to have a better life than the previous generation. This things that other families have in common is what keeps the family together.

Intersectional Identities

Every person has an intersectional identity, meaning that we carry with ourselves our sex, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, history, race, social class, age, religion, language etc. All of this identities that we have are what make ourselves who we are. Because of too many characteristics that we have, it is impossible to know about a family only taking into account the ethnicity or the gender. It is important to look at the whole scope in order to understand the family dynamics and interactions with others. When there is not enough information about a certain individual, then stereotypes are taken into account. When family members understand the concept of intersectional identities, the relationship between them becomes more harmonious as they try to understand their differences. For example, someone coming out as gay.

Diversity as Normative

There have been many ethnic groups in the United States since its inception. People of color, women, sexual minorities and immigrants have always played major roles in American history and shaped important events that affected family life for everyone living in the country. Diverse families have been impacted by life in the United States, as well as other countries around the world. Every country today have more and more impacted by global and multicultural perspectives and this is why it is important to remove the ethnocentric mentality in order to understand better families.


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