The Biography of Barack Obama

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Barry was a tall skinny guy. He had big ears. His skin was dark-brown like chocolate. The chocolate-colour he had gotten from his African father. His mother, on the other hand, was American and fair like milk. Barry was still a child when the parents got divorced. When Barry turned six his mother decided to get married again. This time to an Indonesian man. This was, of course, a big change for both Barry and his mother. They were thrilled to experience this new and different country. It was nothing like his home Hawaii and young Barry realised that people lived differently.

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Barry came to know that Indonesia is very famous for its water buffaloes. They also loved to fly kites, which Barry would come to enjoy very much. Even the food was very different. They had square formed things called tofu and tempeh. Barry also had to learn a new language. Unfortunately, Barry was not meant to stay in Indonesia for a long. Four years later, his mom decided to send him back to Hawaii to his grandparents. His mom believed that he could get a better education there.

Barry, however, was worried about other things. He had never seen his father. The only way he knew him was through photos and stories told by family and relatives. He looked different than everyone else in his family. Barry questioned his identity a lot and missed a sense of belonging. He was trying to figure out what it meant to be a black man in Africa. He had questions for his father but he was not there to answer them. How would it have been like if his father had stayed? Why was Santa a white man? Why didn’t his face look Hawaiian? Sometimes the questions would bother Barry a lot. So much that he would stand in front of the mirror and look at himself. He would wonder if something was wrong with him.

Luckily, it went much better at school. Barry enjoyed playing basketball. He was also very good at it. While living with his grandparents, he joined an academy. He was one of the only three black students at the school. Barry’s classmates could not see his struggle. They found him smart and cool. Political science and literature were his favourite subjects.

After finishing high school, Barry moved to New York. He was going to pursue a degree in one of his favourite subjects: political science. Barry felt very lonely in New York sometimes. His father was not there. His mother was also not there. He was all by himself. But before entering Harvard Law School, Barry visited his home in Kenya. He then later continued his studies at Harvard Law School. Everyone were here impressed by Barry. He wanted to make a different to people and to communities. In fact, he was so skilled that he started writing for the University magazine.

Barry now felt he had to start preparing himself for the future. He disciplined himself in two activities: writing and running. He was a daily jogger. Barry was hired by the developing communities’ project. He learned to listen to people and their stories. In return, Barry would tell his stories. This would help him figure out answers for some of his questions.

After finishing, he wrote a book “Dreams from My Father”. He worked for many law companies. In 1996, Barry made the very difficult decision to campaign for political office. Barry was still passionate about changing people’s lives for the better. He wanted to make health care better, childhood education programs for the poor.

On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama defeated Republican presidential nominee John McCain with 52.9 perfect. He won the elections as the 44th president of the United States and also the first African-American to hold office.

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