The Biography of Stephen Hawking


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Before his death, Stephen Hawking was known for his incredible work as an Author, Cosmetologist and English Theoretical Physicist. He died earlier this year, on March 14th, at the age of 76. In his lifetime, he was able to accomplish many things, went through struggles along the way, though many people were there to support him through his rough times.

Stephen Hawking was famously known for being our modern science genius. He discovered black hole radiation, The Big Bang Theory, and gravitational and spacetime singularities. Along with making some of the world’s most important discoveries, Hawking has also won many awards, including the Copley medal in 2006, and the Adams Prize in 1966. He also published many books, including “Black Holes” and “The Theory of Everything”. Stephen Hawking has had accomplishments, which he his widely known for, despite his many struggles with his disability

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Stephen Hawking, despite being very famous for his work, has had to face many challenges in his lifetime. At the age of 21, Stephen had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), with symptoms that started at the age of 20. Getting this disease, rather than putting him down, had actually motivated him to do something with his life, in which he started to study physics, and then cosmetology. However, his disease limited what he could do, and had been a constant struggle for him. Although he was a genius, focusing on his studies was hard with this particular disease. However, there were many people to help him, and because of them, he never gave up; without them, he would not be where he is today.

Although Hawking had gone through many struggles in his life, there were many people to support him through these times. While his diagnosis was the start of his career, it was also quite devastating, so he leaned towards his parents for emotional support, and for guidance as of what to do. Before they passed away, they were very proud and encouraging of his work. He also had two spouses who, at the time, were also very supportive of him. Along with these rather important people, Hawking had his children and fans as well. His children, naturally, looked up to him, and seeing their faith in him made him want to continue his studies. His fans also encouraged Stephen to continue in his research, as he had made important discoveries, and would only be able to make more. Though his life was hard at times, he had many people to encourage him, and were able to make him strive towards his success.

Stephen Hawking lived a life full of amazing discoveries, opportunities, and achievements. He had many important people whom he could look up to for guidance and encouragement, and many people who looked up at him for his determination, and his astonishing discoveries, in which were able to get him through his difficult times. Stephen Hawking will be forever known for his discoveries, and what he was been able to do.

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