The Biography Of The Pop Singer Sia

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The pop singer Sia took the stage with her hit song “Chandelier,” becoming an inspiration among young women like myself. She shows great examples of self-confidence with the bold way she looks and the enchanting words she sings. Sia took people’s breath away, becoming the most relatable singer to many audiences around the world.

The Australian singer’s full name is Sia Fuller, born on December 18, 1975, currently making her 42 years old. Although Sia became popular in the United States not too long ago, her singing career truly started in her late teens when she became a member of a local band called Crisp. According to Jesse Flavell, one of the band members, “She opened her voice and we all kind of stopped in our tracks… this is going to work” (Madormo). Even at an early age the singer began to mesmerize the people surrounding her with her vocals. Suddenly, tragedy struck when Sia’s boyfriend was killed in an auto-collision, which led to the singer’s self-destruction.

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According to an interview with New York times, Sia announced she was under the influence of drugs and mentioned “it’s easy to get away with getting high, because everybody’s drinking on the road” (Madormo). Putting all her anger and self-hatred aside, she started to incorporate her emotions into her music. Showcasing her beautiful voice, Sia came out with her song “Chandelier,” which beautifully tells the story of the struggles she overcame. Sung in the lyrics “Party girls don’t get hurt/ can’t feel anything when will I learn” is a great example of her feelings and her struggles. The song was the beginning of the singer’s come back and became number 8 on the billboard charts.

Showing exceptional musicianship, Sia continues to produce music that tells a story of her past and uses concepts that people struggle with on a day to day basis. Along with her amazing voice and relatable content, the way the singer carries herself and her corky style grabs the attention of those around her. Her signature look consists of a long-banged wig that always covers her face typically showing the color white or black. This bold fashion statement isn’t due to her insecurities about the way she looks, she simply wants to live a life of peace outside the everyday hassle of being a famous star. Sia states in an article on Billboard news, “if anyone besides famous people knew what it was like to be a famous person, they would never want to be famous” (Freydkin). The singer wants to live a “normal” private life away from the camera and many people applaud her for choosing to do so, which makes her all but more relatable.

Maddie Ziegler, the face of Sia’s music videos mentions, “Sia lives a normal life with her husband and her dogs” (Freydkin). Though her choice in style is bold and might not always be considered “lowkey” she has no shame, stands by her decision, and continues with her private life at home. Despite all the controversy and her past, she proceeds to be unstoppable.From being torn apart by tragedy, to overcoming the hardest obstacle of addiction, to rebuilding her reputation and becoming the most inspirational musician in society today, Sia continues to astonish us with her words and her voice. Rebuilding a life after tragedy is no simple task, yet Sia shows remarkable dedication not only to her music, but also for what she stands for and believes in, inspiring all those around her.


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