The Black Death: Causes, Symptoms and Impact

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Have you ever wondered if you and your family experienced the Black Plague? It would be bothersome to see yourself ill and your loved ones having such contagious disease. Black Plague is known to be the deadliest bacterial outbreak recorded in history that killed millions of lives. The plague is known as an infectious disease caused by a bacterium Yersinia pestis. The symptoms of this disease are fever, weakness and headache. This was inevitable centuries back then most especially because it had no cure and people don’t know how it occurred and what caused its rapid spread in the country. Many centuries ago, there was a huge number of cases of sickness, diseases, and ailment. As they want to stop the disease immediately, many people died from the experiment used in order to discover the solution to the problem. Plague is not noticeable once it is on your body, one day you feel okay then the other, you will eventually die. The black plague is a major threat to humans and creatures alike, wherein has a possibility to annihilate us all and could be able to destroy our economy.

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There were three notable plagues in history that occurred before scientists and doctors discovered where it came from and what caused the outbreak. The first one is the Plague of Justinian which was named after Justinian I, the emperor of Byzantine. The plague happened when the international trading system opened roads connected through countries in the east and west which was called Silk road. It killed half of the population in Europe because they lack on finding a cure to this plague. While they still don’t know what caused the outbreak, diseases spread continuously in the country. As centuries passed, it was still there and it didn’t died. Then the second plague appeared which began in China and it was called the Black Death because it killed millions of people in Europe that they were not able to cure the outbreak again. The third one was brought and spread throughout North America in the year 1900.

After how many centuries, scientist Kitasato Shibasaburo and Alexander Yersin discovered the cause of plague. They helped on the development of having sanitation and medicine to prevent and cure the widespread plague and other diseases. This disease spreads because of the lack of medical education and knowledge about it that time and it was not yet discovered. One of the reasons for the spreading of the plague was a trading system, that is why the population of Europe decreased in a large number. The increase in the population is the reason for the growth of the plague because of the close neighborhood and there was no proper waste management. Black Plague is typically spread through the bite of infected fleas of the bacterium Yersinia pestis, frequently, it circulates wild rodents where they live in great numbers and density. The spread of the said disease was caused by an infected flea from small animals. It may also result from exposure to the body fluids from a dead plague-infected animal.

As reported by Agence France-Presse in Ulaanbaatar they reported that Mongolian couple have died of the bubonic plague after eating raw marmot kidney. Bubonic plague is caused by bacterium Yersinia pestis. This symptom simply take advantage or uses the body of infected animals and once humans are affected, it will be dangerous and can be highly contagious. Because of this incident the government was alarmed and urgently implemented a mass quarantine around the region. Nowadays this disease is a rare case, but this is inevitable. Even though this disease is uncommon and dangerous it can still be cured or prevented through public health measures. It can cure by several antibiotics like streptomycin, gentamicin, and doxycycline. Without treatment there are high possibilities or chances that you will die or suffer in the gravely illness.

In the recent news, there were relevant cases about the death plague happening in China. It was reported on November 14, 2019 on CNN that two people were diagnosed with pneumonic plague. Pneumonic plague is the most infectious than the bubonic because it is airborne and it could infect people directly when a person who is infected coughs. The two infected persons in China received an immediate treatment in Beijing. Because of the advancement of technology, medicine and studies about this, it gave a chance to make effective antibiotics and preventive measures on the continuous spread of the disease worldwide.

Still people are afraid that soon it might get worse and that they don’t know what pandemic might be next. It is important to know what to do if a pandemic occur, we must be prepared because there are lots of viruses and disease that we don’t know yet. To avoid these diseases stay away from affected living things. This disease is curable but if doesn’t go under medical checkups it can kill a person. This issue should be highly focused because it can cause a greater issue that would affect the whole world. As we can see that it began to show signs of being a virus and spreading to more countries that can cause a huge outbreak. We have to be aware of the current issue for us to be prepared. As the Black Plague has been a horrific historical event, one has to admit that hearing the disease making a comeback is quite scary. As this event has killed so many people and if this were to repeat again, it would cause huge trauma and fear to millions of people. And also, as in the past, it has killed almost half of Europe, and now that there are signs in which it can be spread from country to country, it may have a bigger impact and damage to the world. It may even cause the apocalypse one can say. Let’s just hope that won’t happen.

Moreover, we must be aware and prepared in case an event like that happens. It would cause the reign of the dark times once again. As we would not like that to happen. We have to be aware and know how to avoid it. But as this case stands, scientists and doctors are still finding a global cure to this problem. Some say that extinguishing rodents would solve the problem as it was the cause of the original Black Plague, some say that there has to be some kind of vaccine or cure to the disease for us to be immune to it or for it not to spread anymore. We can’t do anything further but wait for the experts to find a solution.

Evidently, our country is very near to the current affected country, that’s why it’s scary to think that it can soon travel and create an outbreak here, what’s worse is that our country is small compared to Europe. These days, our generation solves everything. The advanced technology helps us to develop nor to discover some inevitable problems. The scientists take years to study to find out the solution of every disease. It may take long years to process out but, it may save a lot of people. The cure for the plague was not that easy to solve. Scientists examined the affected living things to find a conclusion. Our country would be annihilated from existence if we are talking about the possible catastrophic damage the plague can cause to us. Hence, all we can do is wait, be aware, and always be prepared. The Black Plague shouldn’t be taken easily as it can possibly destroy our world.

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