The Boston Tea Party: Short Description

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It was a warm, sunny day and Sara thought of walking down to the city near the harbor. On her way down to the harbor, she saw her friends James and Henri. She ran to them and asked, "Can you guys come with me down to the city near the harbor. It is warm and it would be fun for us to play with the ball."James and Henri were playing together they were fixing Henri's bike. James said, "Henri and I were going to go down to the shop with his bike." But Sarah wants them to go with her. They finally accept and go down with her to the city.

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Sarah and her friends were playing ball when they hear loud voices coming out of a bar that the American soldiers used to discuss things about war, taxes, unfair laws, and many other things about the government. It was supposed to be a secretive place for them to hide and discuss their plans. It was now that they were talking about throwing tea into the ocean because of the taxes of the tea were going too high. It was unfair for them so they were discussing what to do with the tea without getting caught from the English soldiers.

That's when Sarah tells her friends, "Let's go see what happens, it seems interesting."Sarah was a girl that liked adventures and scary thing. She liked to write to her grandma, that lives far away from Boston. She likes to tell her everything that goes on around her. James and Henri were afraid of getting caught. They were also afraid that their parents would get mad that they got involved in something that might be too risky for younger kids.

James told Sarah it dad will be mad at me if I go and see what happens. We might get caught or kidnapped."Sarah still wants to go even when she is risking her self of getting caught. She convinces her friends to go with her and they finally accept. They were still afraid when they went down to the city. But Sarah just wanted to listen to what is happening. They hid in a carriage that they see next to the bar. They listen to what is going to happen. The soldiers were planning on throwing tea into the ocean. Sarah was recording everything in her journal.

That's when the American soldiers come out from the bar and go into the carriage that Sarah, James, and Henri were hiding in. They get scared, but they do not get caught. The carriage starts to move and it leaves down to the harbor. They stay hiding inside the carriage and listen to what is happening. The soldiers started throwing the tea into the ocean. Sarah said, "This is exciting." After the soldiers left the carriage, Henri stuck his head out and one of the soldiers saw him. He came up to him thinking that he was the only one hiding in there, not knowing that he was with his friends. He called on Henri and told him to help them throw the tea onto the ocean.

Henri was scared at first, but then he got out and helped them throw. When Henri started throwing he thought it was fun and he liked it. Sarah and James were getting nervous because Henri was not with them and they thought he might get lost. Henri came to them and told them, "Come help me, it's really fun. There is nothing to be scared of."

That same soldier came back and told Henri, "What are you doing here, oh you have friends here too." He told them to come help. James and Sarah were so nervous when he saw them. They did not want to go at first but they decided to help. James was throwing while thinking of what his father would say. He knew that he will be in trouble, but he just continued to help. Sarah was thinking of the same thing but she was happy she was helping out.

Sarah, James, and Henri were all throwing the tea. They were not afraid anymore, except that their parents will get mad. They did not want to get in trouble from their parents, but they knew they would because it was late in the night and it was a risk to be out during the war. As they were throwing someone started screaming. They were saying, " The English soldiers are here! Now they were so afraid and did not know what to do. James said, "Let's go hide in the carriage again. They ran to the carriage and hid. They were waiting until everyone left.

The carriage started to move as the English soldiers were chasing the American soldiers. They caught some people but most of them ran away. It kept going on and on, James, Henri, and Sarah were scared. They thought someone was kidnapping them. But they were wrong. A group of American soldiers went into the carriage to escape from the English soldiers. They stopped next to the bar where they were in before leaving. That's when they had time to run away. They ran out of the carriage. They ran until they reached their homes. Their parents were looking for them. After they reached home their parents put them in bed. They were so tired.

They learned their lesson that day. It was a really hard day and they learned many things that they are not supposed to do. They learned that it is better to ask your parents before doing something so you do not get them worried and make them look for you all over the city. They also learned that it's nice living in a country with people that want to do things for their country. Also that they are allowed to do anything they want to do except if it was illegal.

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